Deacon Is Getting His Transplant On 'Nashville'

Well, it is finally happening — Deacon Claybourne is getting his liver transplant on Nashville . And for realsies this time! His sister, Beverly, decided to help him, but not without some Grade-A level crap beforehand. You see, last week, Rayna secretly went to Natchez, Miss., to pay dear old Beverly a visit. OK, it was mostly to ask Beverly to donate a part of her liver to save Deacon’s life. Beverly, however, was not so keen, and she pretty much talked about how Rayna and Deacon ruined her chance at stardom like, 25 years ago. Get over it, lady. They invited you along.

Anyway, Rayna offered Beverly $1 million to save Deacon’s life, and I was so sure that Beverly wouldn’t bite. I mean, if she’s still mad about something stupid that happened 25 years ago, how could she be trusted with this major request? This week, news came quickly over the radio waves that Deacon had cancer (no one really knew before), and all signs point to one person leaking it to the press — Beverly. Like, really, lady? You couldn’t let your brother have the dignity to reveal his disease as he wished? She also FedEx-ed Rayna her check back, torn into a million little pieces. Needless to say, Rayna and Deacon did not take any of this well.

You can imagine my surprise, then, when Beverly showed up at the Bluebird, saying that she wants to help her brother live. She does have a faraway look in her eye when she says it, so that’s suspect, but color me shocked. I have to say, I really thought that Maddie would be the one to save Deacon, or maybe even Daphne, but I’m glad that Beverly is maybe getting over her perceived slights and helping out her dear old brother.

Someone like Beverly, though, probably doesn’t give away something for nothing. I think there’s going to be some sort of negotiation between Rayna and Beverly to help Deacon — perhaps Rayna has to sign Beverly to Highway 65 and give her the career she’s always wanted? She’d be signed to the same label as her daughter, Scarlett, which is a little weird and would probably be a source of heavy competition. I wish I could believe that Beverly is being philanthropic here, but I sense an ulterior motive (or seven).

Next week brings Deacon’s surgery (and the Nashville season finale), so we’ll surely find out quick just what Beverly is up to.

Images: ABC; Giphy