Rayna Will Pay To Save Deacon On 'Nashville'

Suffice it to say that Deacon Claybourne and his sister, Beverly, have quite the tumultuous past. On Wednesday night's episode of Nashville , Rayna tried to get Beverly to push all the drama aside and donate a part of her liver to save Deacon’s life, but Beverly just wasn’t feeling it. The reason? Beverly had big dreams of running away from her two-stoplight town with her brother, Deacon, and they were going to be big stars on the country scene. That is, until Rayna Jaymes came in and swept Deacon off his feet, figuratively and musically. He took off with Rayna (though Bevs was indeed invited) and Beverly vowed to become her own star, because she wasn’t going to be anybody’s backup singer.

Rayna begs Beverly to consider saving her brother, and she basically is like, “No, because you took away my only shot at stardom,” and now you can totally tell how Scarlett turned out the way she did — she is the complete opposite of her bitter mom. Anyway, at the end of the episode, Rayna literally put a price on Deacon’s life and gave Beverly a $1 million check to bribe her into saving her brother. But will she do it?

Honestly, I’m not sure. Beverly is totally a wild card. She may be a talented singer (which we saw a little bit of tonight), but it's hard to tell what exactly she's thinking, and after seeing her abusive past with Scarlett and apparent lack of remorse, we know how brutal she can be. Beverly is incapable of taking blame for anything — hence her strained relationships with her family and the fact that she still thinks Rayna took away her career that hadn’t even started yet — so I can’t really believe that she’d find it deep down in her heart to help her brother, no matter how much money is on the table. I just don’t know if she would go there.

I actually thought Rayna was going to offer Beverly a record deal — maybe some of the money will go towards recording sessions? If Beverly gets a second shot at her dreams, maybe she would consider helping her brother. It’s selfish, but it’s true. I think that’s the only way that Deacon will get the help that he needs from his sister.

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