Rayna Comes Face-To-Face With Deacon's Sister

Ever since it was revealed that Deacon has cancer on Nashville , fans have been racked with worry over his fate and hoping beyond hope that a liver donor will eventually be found. Which is, in large part, what made last week's episode such a heartbreaking pill to swallow. After discovering that a donor's liver was a match, Deacon was rushed off to surgery only to find out that the organ could no longer be used. (Not cool, Nashville writers. Not cool at all.) To see Deacon come so close to getting that happily ever after he so deserves makes my resolve for him to get better feel stronger than ever before. That's why I haven't given up hope that Deacon's sister Beverly will agree to donate her liver and end up saving his life.

I have never been a big Beverly supporter ever since I first got a look at how she treats her daughter, Scarlett. But when she turned out to be a match for Deacon and still refused to have the surgery done that would save his life, my rage for this character really shifted into high gear. I mean, she's basically agreed to sit back and let her own brother die even though she has the power to do something about it. Is that really how her story is going to play out? Maybe not…

After coming across a sneak peek for this week's episode "Time Changes Things," I'm beginning to wonder if something — or rather someone — will end up changing Beverly's mind on the matter in the form of Miss Rayna Jaymes.

The title of the episode itself even indicates that things could begin heading in a more positive direction. After all, "Time Changes Things" means just that. Time has a way of changing people's minds on certain matters. And given how persuasive we all know Rayna can be, I feel if anyone stands a chance of changing Beverly's mind, it would be her. Maybe enough time has passed now that Deacon's sister will feel obligated to come to her brother's aid. Because just like Rayna says, they're running out of time and if Deacon's tumor gets much bigger, he'll be taken the donor list completely.

This show has always had a flair for the dramatics, but I can't believe that the series will go so far as to kill Deacon, especially considering he's one of the most beloved characters on there. Granted, Nashville has yet to get picked up for a fourth season by ABC, but I'd like to think that even if the show were to get canceled (which, in my opinion, is still a really big if), it'd want to go out on a happier note than the morbidity of Deacon's death.

After seeing all that he and Rayna have been through throughout the years, 'shippers have earned the right to see their patience pay off. And Beverly could be the key to making that Nashville fairytale unfold. The question is, will she?

Your move, Bev.

Images: Mark Levine/ABC; austennerdita2533/Tumblr; screen grab/ABC