Prince Harry Rejects Marriage Proposal From Australian Fan, But She's Still The Real Winner In This Situation — PHOTOS

When a TV show titled I Wanna Marry "Harry" aired last year, I had my doubts. Could these women really think that they were getting a chance to marry THE Prince Harry? Well, maybe they did, maybe they didn't and just wanted to be on TV. Whatever the case, "I Wanna Marry Harry" is still a phrase that many people can relate to, and in fact, an Australian fan proposed to Prince Harry on Thursday, according to the BCC. Sure, popping the question with a giant poster and wearing a plastic tiara might seem like a joke, but as I see it, this lady was just setting her goals really high. And boy, did it pay off.

Prince Harry has just finished an Australian army secondment and gave a big farewell to the country at the Sydney Opera House. Many fans gathered to say goodbye to the prince including Victoria McRae who came armed and ready to propose. McRae held a sign that read, "Marry Me Prince Harry, Last Chance!" which, really, is pretty forward. Way to give the guy an ultimatum!

So, why do I think this paid off? Because while Harry did not accept McRae's proposal, they did kiss. You see, the idea of marrying a prince who you've never met is so absurd, that anything that comes after will seem normal by comparison. "Oh? Prince Harry thinks the idea of getting engaged to me is crazy? Well, then surely he will think kissing is totally cool." AND SHE WAS RIGHT.

Well, if she actually thought about it this way, she was right. It's entirely possible that she just leaned in for a kiss because LAST CHANCE! Yeah, that might be more like it...

Methinks his face might be saying, "Oh god. And it's being documented on camera, too?"

McRae wasn't the only one who received a kiss from the prince, either. He later said when speaking at Sydney's Macquarie University, "I never expected that many people to turn out ... I got more than one kiss."

Anyway, regardless of what Victoria McRae was thinking when she set out, I think we can all learn a valuable lesson here: Always set your goals high, because you never know what you could achieve. At the very least you'll get an extremely awkward kiss selfie that you will cherish forever or until you lose your cell phone — whichever comes first.