'Orphan Black' Season 4 Is Coming & Here's What Needs To Happen Next For Our Beloved Clones

Seestras around the world, get ready to celebrate: Orphan Black Season 4 is definitely a go. Although the third season of the BBC show is only a few episodes into its run, the network announced on Thursday that they'd ordered 10 episodes of a fourth season, set to premiere in 2016. That means a whole other year of Tatiana Maslany performances, clone craziness, and Michiel Huisman in our lives; in other words, this is fantastic news.

As for what to expect from the upcoming season, it's a bit too early to start guessing. After all, more chaos has been packed into the first three episodes of Season 3 than most shows do all year long; there's been the arrival of the Castor clones, Helena's kidnapping, Alison's drug business and so, so much more. Most likely, any theory made now about the show's future will be torn apart by next Sunday's episode. Still, it's hard not to wonder what's in store for Orphan Black and its band of clone seestras, or at least express some major hopes. Here's a wishlist for what should happen next:

Sarah and Helena Reunite

This has to happen, and I'm sure it will at some point this season. But if, for whatever reason the evil Orphan Black gods decide to keep these two sisters apart, they better reunite in Season 4. We can't have an Arya-Sansa situation on our hands.

Gracie Gives Birth

I hate to wish motherhood on a brainwashed Prolethean teen, but I also don't want to see it on Helena. I'm so curious to learn what her baby with Henrik would look like — would it come out of the womb eating chicken wings and drinking White Russians?

Cosima Stays Healthy – And Reunites With Delphine

Cosima's been feeling a lot better as of late, but this is TV, after all; Orphan Black could change its mind and break our hearts any minute. Here's hoping she stays healthy, and that once she's back on her feet, she gets back together with Delphine. The Dyad head is shady, but she does love Cosima, and the two shouldn't stay apart for long.

Scott and Felix Get Together

That awkward flirting last episode was too good. These guys need to amp up their romance, stat.

Rudy Dies

I don't want all the Castor clones to die — that'd defeat the purpose of them even being on the show. But Rudy, the horrible, scarred man who shot his own brother, almost raped a girl, and is "the ugliest Mark," according to Helena? He can go.

Kira and Cal Come Back, Or They All Go To Iceland And Live Happily Ever After

I get why Kira and Cal left — child actors are hard, Michiel Huisman is in-demand, etc. But the show is better with them in it, perhaps not every episode, but at least a few times a season. If it makes no sense for them to come back to Canmerica, though (yes, that's what I'm calling the weird Canadian-American setting the show has never specified), can Sarah at least take a trip overseas and visit them in Iceland? Seeing glaciers and touring museums would be a lot less stressful than hunting down clones. Girl could use a break.

Alison and Donnie Do Something Interesting

Look, I'm all for Alison manipulating suburban moms and taking over school districts. But keeping her so far away from the other clones is unfair; couldn't she and Donnie find a way to combine their business with the drama happening over at Dyad? I want Alison and Donnie having fun, but I want them doing so as part of the show — not as their own, separate storyline that has nothing to do with the rest of the series.

Rachel Stays Injured

Rachel was a fantastic villain — for Season 2. For this year and next, the Big Bad of Orphan Black should be someone — or something — new, rather than a one-eyed version of last season's evildoer. Maybe it's the woman behind the Castor boys, maybe it's Gracie's mom, or maybe it's something we haven't even met yet, but whatever it is, it shouldn't be Rachel at the helm.

More Dancing

Because no season of Orphan Black from now on is complete without a group of clone sisters dancing their butts off.

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