Cal & Kira Better Come Back Home On 'Orphan Black'

Season 3 of Orphan Black has only just begun, but could Cal's story line already be wrapped up for the season? Since Kira's father and Sarah's part-time lover came — and left — in April 25's "Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis," will Cal come home in Season 3 of Orphan Black ? Well, he'd better. I was so stoked when I heard that actor Michiel Huisman would be in Season 3 of my favorite show about clones since the actor has been ridiculously busy with some other projects you may have heard of (oh, just Game of Thrones and the latest Blake Lively movie, NBD). But the elation of his character's return was crushed quickly when it was decided that Cal should leave his newly purchased pad in Toronto and take Kira with him to Iceland to escape the plethora of clone dangers that follow the young girl.

Orphan Black co-creator Graeme Manson told The Washington Post about Cal's return to Season 3:

"Well, Michiel is a very busy actor. So we’d like to use him more, but he's a very busy actor. We're just happy we get to use him in a really cool way; he's in Episode 2, and we’re excited about that."

Although that doesn't instill a lot of confidence regarding Huisman's return this season, I also could see Manson not wanting to get ahead of himself and reveal too much about the future of Season 3. The downside is that he's absolutely right about Huisman having a lot of roles to juggle.

Before starting on Orphan Black, the Dutch actor was on HBO's Treme and a reoccurring character in Season 1 and 2 of ABC's Nashville. Since then, he joined the cast of Game of Thrones in Season 4 (as the recast Daario) and has been an active member of Khaleesi's advisors (and an active member in her bed — huzzah) in Season 5. As for films, he was in 2014's Wild with Reese Witherspoon and he's in The Age of Adaline with Blake Lively, which just hit theaters. And he has three more movies coming out, according to Huisman's IMDb pageAmerican Dream, 2:22, and The Swimmer. And the fact that Huisman is everywhere right now (I'm not complaining) is not lost on the man himself:

But, unfortunately for Orphan Black fans, the actor hasn't revealed if he'll be back for more Season 3. Considering how important Kira is to Sarah, Mrs. S, and Felix, fans know we'll have to see the lead clone's daughter again at some point . . . right? While I'm totally cool with sending Kira away to keep her safe (plus, I could use a break from the Kira-always-in-danger plot), I don't think this is a permanent situation. (Although going away with Cal to Iceland sounds like a magical trip — can I come please?) Paul called Cal out on making tons of money from producing weapons, so though I don't think Kira will be gone from Orphan Black forever, he could protect her for a longtime. Which is unfortunate for Cal and Kira fans (not that I want the Monkey to be in danger or anything).

One reason I was the tiniest bit hopeful that Cal would be in another episode of this season of Orphan Black is because a press release by BBC America for Season 3 had Huisman listed as a cast member and not as a guest star. But the Daily Michiel Huisman Tumblr page (which is not official by any means) said the actor would only be in one episode this season. And, not surprisingly, Huisman wasn't featured in the third episode's trailer.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Orphan Black had 10 episodes each, so with seven more episodes to go after May 3's "Formalized, Complex, and Costly," it could be a while before we see Kira and Cal again. (The young actress Skyler Wexler who portrays Kira does not appear to have any upcoming acting projects, but maybe she'll be using this break to enjoy time as regular kid.)

At least fans can take comfort in the fact that the show seems invested in both characters and that they hopefully won't be written off forever. When (not if) Cal comes back to the show, he'd just better not be a villain. He's often looked at one of the only characters Sarah can truly trust and in the world Sarah's living in, it's a comfort to know someone like that exists. Even in way over in Iceland.

Images: Steve Wilkie/BBC AMERICA; cosimacormier, orphanblack/Tumblr