'GoT's Michiel Huisman Is The Next Big Thing

If you've paid even the slightest bit of attention to pop culture over the last few months, chances are high that at some point or another, you've seen Michiel Huisman on-screen. The Dutch actor, currently best known for playing Dany's ally and sometimes lover Daario on Game of Thrones, is everywhere these days, showing up in hit series, indie movies, and blockbusters alike. If you're a film buff or TV fan, it's impossible to escape Huisman — not that you'd want to, of course. I mean, just look at the guy.

Yet Huisman, as Thrones fans are aware, is far more than just his appearance. He's a hugely talented actor, with a skill set that's allowed him to take on a collection of interesting, complex roles ranging from Daario on Thrones to the male lead in this month's The Age of Adaline . And with each new part, he's getting bigger and bigger, gaining more fans and showing off his talents to an ever-growing audience. This time next year, it wouldn't be surprising if he was one of Hollywood's biggest names, an actor capable of major stardom. Here's why Michiel Huisman is the next big thing.

He's Taking Over TV

In addition to starring as Daario on Thrones, Huisman currently has a recurring role on Orphan Black as Cal, the father of Sarah's daughter, Kira. Although the BBC series isn't nearly as popular as Thrones, it's hugely acclaimed, and gaining more notice with each new episode. Before these two shows, though, Huisman was making waves on Nashville and Treme, proving that his TV domination has been underway for several years.

And He's Branching Out To Movies

Although he's still known best for his roles on television, Huisman has made an impact on the film world, too, in recent years. Currently, he's starring in The Age of Adaline opposite Blake Lively, paying her character's romantic interest, and late last year, he had a small but memorable role in the Oscar-nominated Wild. Next up are two thrillers, The Invitation and 2:22; a Norweigen movie called The Swimmer; and a lead role opposite his Thrones co-star Natalie Dormer in a film called The Forest, due for 2016.

He's A Triple Threat

Before becoming an actor, Huisman was a founding member of the Dutch band Fontane for several years in the early '00s. Later, he went solo, releasing an album in 2005, and more recently, he showed off his skills on Nashville. He's a writer, too, identifying as a singer-songwriter, because, you know, simply being a successful actor and musician wasn't enough.

He Has Enormous Range

The roles Huisman plays on Thrones, Orphan Black, and in The Age of Adaline couldn't be more different, and yet they all feel natural and real, thanks to the actor's impressive performances. Whatever the role, no matter the absurdity of the plot or the actor he's up against, Huisman has shown that he's capable of huge range as an actor, and with more and more parts coming his way, his skill set should only increase.

He Looks Like A Leading Man

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In its review of The Age of Adaline, The Hollywood Reporter called Huisman "a more strapping, less demented Shia LaBeouf," an accurate description that sums up why Huisman works as a leading man. He's striking and imposing, impossible to ignore; when he's on the screen, he's the only thing you see. Could be worse.

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