This 'TVD' Wedding Could End In Disaster

Our Mystic Falls gang has celebrated many glorious theme-related events throughout these past six seasons. But as hard as it may be to believe, Jo and Alaric's Vampire Diaries wedding will serve as the show's very first marriage ceremony any of these characters have attended. (Well, at least that we've seen on-screen, anyway. I don't know what these vampires choose to do during their free time.) But now that the happy day is now officially upon us, one can't help but wonder (and slightly worry) what kind of drama is sure to unfold as the nuptials commence. I mean, this is TVD after all and the guest list is made up of mostly supernatural creatures. So yeah, there's more than likely going to be some magical issues that will take place.

Sure, the photos themselves are making it look like everything will go off without a hitch. Not to mention how positively stunning the ceremony itself looks. However, I wouldn't start throwing that bouquet just yet. If this show has taught us anything throughout the years it's that murder and mayhem can show up when you least expect it. And something as cheerful as a wedding feels like the perfect setting for an inevitable disaster or two to ensue. So without further adieu, here are my predictions regarding both the highs and lows of what could possibly happen at the wedding, some of which I doubt can be found listed on the itinerary.

Kai & The Heretics Will Crash The Wedding

But not in the fun Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson kind of way. When these guys return from their prison world (and you know they will), I have a feeling vengeance on those who put them there will be No. 1 on their To-Do list. And given that Jo is not only a member of the Gemini Coven, but is also expecting twins that could take over Kai's leadership, I'd say she's in danger on many different fronts.

Bonnie Will Bust Out Some Serious Magic

Kat Graham recently divulged to Entertainment Weekly that we'll be seeing a lot more magic from Bonnie as we head toward the season finale. "She’s the most powerful she’s ever been in terms of her magic, and she is not afraid to use it," Graham stated. "So you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more magic happening in the last few episodes." So if those big bad villains do end up coming around, Bonnie would undoubtedly given them a taste of that badass Bennett power in order to keep both her friends and herself safe from harm. Bonnie’s done being the victim. Now it’s time for her to be the hero.

Damon & Elena Will Steal The Show

Even though it’s technically Jo and Alaric’s day, this duo has a tendency to steal the spotlight a majority of the time. It’s not their fault, really. Delena is just too irresistible to ignore. Plus, Damon in a suit? Good luck trying to keep your focus on anything else.

Everyone Will Look Gorgeous

Obviously this is usually the case for any big event, but it seems as though the TVD costume department seems to have outdone itself with these gowns. I WANT.

Matt & Tyler Will Get Drunk & Disorderly

As per usual. Seriously, can we not find more of a story arc to give these guys? At least have it involve something shirtless.

Steroline Will End Things Permanently

In the episode synopsis, it says that Caroline "comes to a realization about her and Stefan's prospects of being together." And while that could very well mean that she decides to try and work things out, I can't help but worry if this could signify the end of their romantic relationship for good. Would it be cruel and unfair to diehard 'shippers? Absolutely. But when has that ever stopped this series from breaking our hearts into a thousand pieces?

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