This Many Women Act Out Their Sexual Fantasies

Everyone has sexual fantasies. That’s just a fact. Although society would still like us to believe that women don’t share with men the ability to have sexual fantasies, masturbate to them, and even act them out, society is wrong. But I think we already knew that. While men may have their fantasies, women have their own, and according to a new study, most women act out their sexual fantasies.

UK sex toy company, LoveHoney, surveyed 1300 men and women about their sexual fantasies and found that 81 percent of women have actually acted out their sexual fantasies. Of those surveyed, it was also found that 75 percent of women and 54 percent of men have reacted a sexual fantasy that they found in a book ― a little Fifty Shades of Grey anyone?

Although the number one fantasy for couples was to have sex in a public place, a study from earlier this year published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that having sex in public came in second place for women. In first place, was having sex in a “romantic location,” ideally one that involved a knight or prince, or whatever Disney has us believing encapsulates true love.

Also on that list for women’s most common fantasies are having sex with a stranger, being dominated, having a threesome, and being masturbated. But tragically, despite having these fantasies, the LoveHoney study found that half of the women surveyed were embarrassed by them, although 97 percent felt that fantasies were good for their sex life and relationship. Sounds like a bit of a disconnect, if you ask me.

In 1973, a Cosmo article dared to say that only men have sexual fantasies. That article wasn’t just wrong, but absurd. As I’ve written time and time again, to be human is to be sexual and fantasies are completely and totally just part of being alive. Yes, some fantasies are more obscure than others, but as long as they involve consenting adults, then that’s what really matters.

To deny yourself the right to fantasize, ladies, is like denying yourself the right to breathe ― you’re taking away a very fundamental part of your humanity The fact that this study finds that the majority of women have been acting out their sexual fantasies is a good thing. If we can get that percentage up to 100, then we will have successfully given the middle finger to that 1973 article and joined 2015. It's going to be liberating as hell.

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