What Do Hiddlestoners Think Of Tom's New Romance?

Tom Hiddleston has been single for so long now, I'd kind of fallen into a rut of assuming dating was currently off the table for him. So, you can imagine my surprise when the rumor mill started suggesting that Tom Hiddleston is dating Elizabeth Olsen. And you can imagine how the Hiddlestoners might be taking the news. But, contrary to popular belief, the majority of Tom Hiddleston's fans are just happy that he might have finally found someone. Hiddleston has been publicly single since 2011, and has been slammed with work these past few years. He's admitted to having a hard time balancing work and his personal life, so it would be nice to finally see him making both areas of his life work.

Personally I think he and Olsen would make a great couple. They have a lot in common, and they both take their careers seriously so they'd understand each other's work commitments. I'd be lying if I didn't admit I would be a little sad to see Hiddles off the market. Mostly, though, I'm happy for him. Olsen is a catch, and he'd be just as lucky to be with her as she would be with him. Fortunately their fans seem to understand that and are getting on board this couple before it's even confirmed to actually exist.

So, here's how the Hiddlestoner fandom has reacted to the news.

There Are Lots Tears... Of Happiness

People Are Already Shipping Their Avengers Characters

I see so much Scarlet Witch/Loki fan art in our future.

There's Some General Distress/Confusion

I'll chalk it up to the news just being so unexpected. It's going to take a minute for it to sink in.

And Mostly Fans Are Happy For The Both Of Them — Like, Really Happy

No one fangirls in all caps better than a Hiddlestoner. If the rumors are true, I think the two actors can rest assured knowing that their fans want only the best for them.