Lorde's New Album May Be Inspired By Robyn & Her Tribute To "Dancing On My Own" Is A Must-Read

She took some well-deserved time off at the beginning of 2015, but now, Lorde's back in action: In a post published to her official Tumblr on Thursday, Lorde revealed that she's begun working on a new album, the follow-up to her critically acclaimed (and Grammy Award–nominated) 2013 debut Pure Heroine. The New Zealand–born artist may have also revealed one of the upcoming project's major sources of inspiration: pop singer Robyn. More specifically: Robyn's powerful "tears on the dance floor" anthem, "Dancing On My Own." Great googly moogly! This is wonderful news.

Full disclosure: I'm not a huge Lorde fan (though I do think she's very talented), but I am a huge Robyn fan. I've been obsessed with the now 35-year-old Swedish performer since I was in middle school — and "Dancing On My Own" is one of her finest tracks. If you're not familiar with "Dancing On My Own" or it's accompanying music video yet, you gotta get with the program. But first, you GOTTA read the opening to Lorde's insightful tribute to the song:

Now, armed with that brief but totally spot-on introduction, it's time to experience "Dancing On My Own" (even if you've experienced it a million times already):

RobynVEVO on YouTube

Pretty incredible, right? Here's what happened when Lorde recently listened to the tune:

Check out Lorde's entire post here.

Well, damn. Before this morning, I wasn't exactly anxiously awaiting the arrival of Lorde's sophomore LP, but if it ends up being influenced by Robyn, you better believe I'm going to check it out! I think there are probably a lot of music lovers who can relate to the "Team" hit-maker's recent "Dancing On My Own" experience — but I'd be surprised if any of them could articulate their thoughts and feelings quite as beautifully. I know I couldn't. Oh yeah, quick reminder: Lorde's only 18 years old. Sheesh. She's making us all look bad and stuff.

Hopefully, we'll receive more details about the wunderkind's new album soon.