Dave Coulier Will Appear In 'Fuller House' & The Show Must Include These 6 Storylines For Uncle Joey's Return

For Full House fans who have spent the past few weeks foaming at the mouth over the announcement of the upcoming Fuller House Netflix series, here's some more news that will cause even more drool-inducing excitement. So far Candace Cameron Bure, John Stamos, Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber are all set to star on the reboot, and now Dave Coulier announced his appearance in Fuller House for the reunion episode. On Thursday, Coulier confirmed the news on Instagram, writing, "Yes, I'll be on the Fuller House reunion. And this guy, Mark Cendrowski will be directing. #cutitout." It would be a dream for all of the original cast members to return and revive the good old days in the family's San Francisco apartment, so hopefully this will encourage the Olsen twins, Lori Laughlin and Bob Saget to get on board in the near future.

So far, we know that the Fuller House story lines will revolve around a widowed D.J. Tanner who is raising her three children with the company of her younger sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy Gibbler. Now that Coulier’s set to star in at least one episode, let's get busy compiling a laundry list of things fans would probably love to see from his reprisal of the role of stand-up comic and honorary uncle, Joey Gladstone.

Some of His Famous Impersonations

Some of Joey's most memorable Full House impersonations are obviously outdated, so the Rocky and Bullwinkle impressions won't fly. Uncle Joey will need to get into some of the more modern cartoons like The Powerpuff Girls or The Simpsons.

Replace "Mr. Woodchuck"

Personally, this is one character return I could do without. Sure, Mr. Woodchuck was an integral part of Joey's life but something about him but I don't like puppets, OK?

Babysit the Kids

Since the Tanner kids are all grown up now, who better to step in and take over babysitting duties for D.J.'s three children than Uncle Joey?

A Hilarious Stand-Up Routine

Well, comedy was Joey's thing, right? On the original Full House, Uncle Joey once landed a gig as opening act for Wayne Newton, so perhaps he's made it big by now, and we'll see him headlining a tour or starring in a movie.

A Comic Reality Show Appearance

C'mon Michelle, don't be a hater. I could totally see Uncle Joey as a judge on the next season of season of Last Comic Standing.

Uncle Joey Showing Off His Romantic Side

On Full House, Joey dated occasionally but never had a lasting romance, so it's about time we see him with a special someone.

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