First Look At The Blonde Salad's FW 15 Shoes

The Blonde Salad’s Spring/Summer 2015 shoe collection was fun and flirty and full of my favorite things — glitter, makeup and food. Well, the sneak peek of Chiara Ferragni’s Fall/Winter 2015 shoe collection shows that this range, while different, is definitely going to stand up to its predecessor.

These shoes still contain some of the elements I loved about The Blonde Salad’s shoes, containing bold metallics and ultra graphic design elements. But instead of featuring burgers or lipstick, this line was inspired by monsters. Yup, monsters. But they're a little more cuddly than your average creepy creature — think more "Monsters, Inc" than "Frankenstein."

Eyes are still a major componant, just like in her SS collection, but this time there are cute fangs as well. Some of the monsters have big blue eyes, and the heels have eyes on the ankle strap, with fangs on the pointy toe of the shoe. I’ve never seen shoes quite like this, and while I don’t find the monsters super scary, this footwear is great for adding a little edge to your look.

I can’t wait to see more of this collection, and I’m already beyond ready to purchase some of these shoes. I’ll start saving up now because I just want to take these little monsters wherever I go.

Check out these shoes and see if you're as into the whole monster fashion thing, as I am.

Don't these look great with her distressed denim?

Aww, you guys! Look at their faces!

OK. Isn't this the coolest pair of heels you've ever seen?