Zappa The Dog Has A Very Floppy Tongue, And Is Basically Sid From 'Ice Age' — PHOTOS

I feel like your appreciation for hilarious cat photos and dog videos fluctuates based on what kind of day you're having. There are some days when you're too over it to get excited about about even the world's greatest cat videos. Other days, the only animal in the world you can relate to is Grumpy Cat and all you really need to do is download Grumpy Cat's movie IMMEDIATELY. But there are also overcast days when everything is just MEH (yeah, that's an official term) and what you really need is Zappa the flappy-tongued dog. And when those days come, and everything is grim and you really can't stare at your monitor for another second unless there's a cute animal on it, we've got you covered.

So, like, hypothetically say that day is today. And all you really need is to see something hilarious before you scream about your job, or the fact that it isn't Friday yet (because how in the name Oprah is it not Friday already? I just don't understand.) Well, if that's the mindset you're in, we have the solution to literally every problem, and then some. Seriously, this pooch is actually the solution to problems we haven't even thought about yet. I know. Pretty existential.

Anywho, meet the Ice Age doppelgänger that's sweeping the Internet: Zappa the dog, who has more of a web presence than anyone I've ever met.

True story: She started sticking her tongue out when she lost all of her teeth. (Zappa's actually a 15-year-old greyhound, which is pretty crazy.)

And here's Hawaiian Zappa, in case you needed yet another reminder that you need a vacation. Maybe you can take her with you? Ideally, all getaways should come complete with a puppy to hang out with. (That's a good business idea. I should probably hop on that.)

Queen's chair. Sort of reminds me of the way people would interlace their arms and make a "Queen's Chair" on the elementary school playground. It's kind of like that, except cuter.

I spy with my little eye: BABAR. In the back. See him? YEAH. (For those of you who don't know Babar, he was a very important stuffed icon who had a show from 1989-2002.) Oh, and by the way, when I typed his name into Google, Google asked me if I meant "Bars," so let's just say I'm feeling a little judged by Google.

I call this one: Mother's Day Zappa. (Seriously, I know Mother's Day already passed but there's always next year, and I very much advocate for printing out this picture and putting it on a card. Your mom deserves it.)

And finally, the pinnacle. The reason we're all here. This dog lots crazily like Sid, from Ice Age. Check it:

It's rare that you find human doppelgängers, but I feel like finding doppelgängers between animal species is even less likely. I'm impressed. Hollywood should probably sign Zappa, and get her on some sort of modeling contract.

Image: brad_t/Flickr