Big News For Amy Schumer!

Big, big news. Huge, in fact! Amy Schumer fans can start rejoicing because the "Milk Milk Lemonade" funny gal — and all around off-the-rails, raunchy, feminist comedian — is getting her very own HBO standup special. New York Times reporter Dave Itzkoff first revealed the news on Twitter Thursday, and it was quickly followed by a a formal press release from HBO.

No one deserves this honor more than Schumer. She's been quietly killing it for quite some time, but the success of her Comedy Central series, Inside Amy Schumer , and her stint as the host of the MTV Movie Awards has broadened her appeal to a much more diverse audience. With her upcoming HBO special, she will take the Apollo Theater stage in New York on May 29, at which time her set will be recorded for a currently unknown air date. Chris Rock is also directing it, after having been featured in his own HBO stand-up special.

Schumer follows in the footsteps of a pretty testosterone-heavy crop who have preceded her in this capacity, such as Louis C.K., Tracy Morgan, Jamie Foxx, Jerry Seinfeld, George Lopez, Bill Maher, and the late Robin Williams. Sarah Silverman, Wanda Sykes and Ellen DeGeneres are some of the women who received their own HBO specials, and Schumer has earned the honor of standing alongside them.

Here's why she's the perfect woman for the job.

Nothing Is Off Limits

Schumer has a gift to not only run towards the most sensitive and inappropriate topics head on, but she does so in hilarious and creative ways. Her Friday Night Lights spoof tackled high school rape, her "Milk Milk Lemonade" video rapped about poop for about two minutes, and she semi-flashed her vagina on David Letterman. She's my hero.

She Breaks Down The Walls Of Misogyny

Male comedians love talking about their dicks. (Scratch that, all men love talking about their dicks.) Schumer, similarly, loves talking about her vagina and throwing it around much the same way her male counterparts do with their junk. But that's just the tip. Schumer's sketches constantly tackle male douchebaggery and ego, and promote the power of womanhood...and vaginas, which is womanhood.

Her One-Liners Are Priceless

Schemer just has a way with words that makes me want to turn them into memes and GIFs. You might be thinking, "I think it, but she says it" — but no, what you're thinking isn't as close to being as raunchy as what she's thinking.

She Fought For Our Right To Say "Pussy"

If it wasn't for Inside Amy Schumer, Comedy Central would still be bleeping the word "pussy." The executive producer Dan Powell took up the fight, having realized that there were a lot of uncensored dick jokes out there. When he saw that most of Schumer's content addressed women's issues, he wrote a persuasive letter to the network, which then resulted in a conference that approved the word.

She Does What We Pretend Not To Do

I don't think anyone loves drinking obnoxiously large glasses of wine and binging on Netflix more than Schumer. But I'm definitely a contender, as I'm sure you all are, too.

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