Who Will Die On 'Once Upon A Time'? The Season 4 Finale Will Be Fatal For At Least One Storybrooke Resident

We started this year of Once Upon A Time with Frozen, and now we're ending it with a death. Talk about a bumpy ride. Season 4 wraps up on Sunday and executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsishave confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that someone will die in the OUAT season finale. This season so far, we've seen the departure of the Snow Queen, Marion, and Cruella, so who will be next is really anyone's guess. So to properly gear up for "Operation Mongoose: Part 1 & Part 2," fans need to know, who will Once Upon A Time kill off? (Please, don't say Hook.)

It feels like this season, everyone is fair game. A lot of the main "good" characters have done bad things. A lot of the "bad" characters have done good things. And then there are the easy targets like Zelena, who we thought was dead already. Could OUAT simply kill her off in the finale, returning back to the Storybrooke status quo where she's already dead? Or will the upcoming death be much more devastating for its residents, as well as viewers at home?

Here are my best predictions as to who might leave OUAT for good before Season 4 ends. Better get the tissues ready.

Killian Jones

I know, I KNOW. I feel bad for even suggesting that he's the one who's going to die in the finale, but we have to look at the facts. Right now, Hook is the best contender for the worst prize.

Hook and Emma's relationship has always been up-and-down, and now that he's finally going good, she's turning a little dark. Their relationship was never supposed to be smooth sailing, but there's going to be another wrench thrown into Emma's life sooner or later. The one person — other than Henry — who she cares abut more than anything is Hook. If there were anyone to be taken away from her, it would be him. It's not even a stretch to suggest that Rumpelstiltskin wants to kill him; Rumpelstiltskin always wants to kill him.


Here's another character I feel bad about about even suggesting. The thing is, Belle hasn't had much to do lately. She banished Rumple, and for the past few episodes, that's been about it. Either Belle's on the brink of a huge new story, or she's in serious danger.

Her relationship with Will Scarlet also makes death more likely. We may not be entirely sure of what Will's doing in Storybrooke, but we do know he and Belle are in the middle of a thing. Will's not going to be the one to die in the finale, because there are still so many things left to explore, and Belle's death could actually propel his story forward (though I'd much rather she live, obviously).

So what happens if the one link between Will and Rumple is suddenly gone? What kind of strange relationship would come out of Belle's death?

The Author

Does anyone on OUAT actually like the Author? All he's done is cause trouble and make enemies, which is not exactly a safe thing to do in Storybrooke. If he does survive the finale, I expect that he'll at least be banished from the town by an unhappy "character."


Poor August. He's been through so many ups and downs in his life. He went from wooden boy to real boy to adult back to real boy, and now he's a man again, but how long will that stick? Killing August would leave a lot of questions unanswered (like the whole Neal thing) and that'd be a good set up for Season 5 as everyone tries to unravel his life.


Last I checked, she was dead. But now she's alive, killed Marian, and is pregnant with Robin's baby. Still, she's not going to stick around forever. It sounds like Regina's going to keep her locked up, though, so she could be a prime candidate for the upcoming death. It would also probably rock Robin's world, since the last little traces of Marion out there would be completely gone.


Like Belle, Henry hasn't gotten much attention lately. That means he's overdue for something big, but will it be death?

Killing off Henry would be a HUGE thing for OUAT to do, but it just can't be a permanent one. Almost along the same lines as August turning into wood/a little boy, Henry could "die" by turning into something else, but he's too central to the show's premise to truly die. Besides, it'd be interesting to see how Emma, Regina, Snow, and Charming deal with his loss in any way.

Robin Hood

Regina's lost him before, so she could lose him again. Also, think of this scenario: Robin is killed, but Regina and Zelena make amends and decide to raise his baby together. Is that not an awesome buddy show you'd totally watch?

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