Jo & Alaric's Wedding Takes A Deadly Turn On 'TVD'

I had a terrible feeling that Jo and Alaric's TVD wedding would end in disaster, and unfortunately it seems as though I couldn't have been more right. Not only is Elena potentially dead, but it seems as though Jo might be as well and it's all thanks to Kai. Because that's right, folks — as promised, Kai has returned to The Vampire Diaries , having now escaped not one, but TWO different prison worlds. (Look, I'm not happy with the guy, but you have to admit that's pretty impressive.) So let's just take a second here and mull over what all of this could possibly mean.

If Jo is, in fact, dead — and given that Kai severely stabbed her in the stomach, I'd say the odds of that are fairly high — then I think it's safe to say that we can expect a full-on Gemini Coven war to ensue. As if Kai wasn't already hated by his family enough, now he's potentially gone ahead and killed (or at least seriously wounded) not only his sister, but the twins she was carrying, who could've freed the coven from his terrorizing grip.

They're going to want some vengeance for such a massive betrayal among their own. And if Kai has the Heretics on his side (which we STILL haven't gotten a good look at BTW!), then I'm willing to bet this could escalate into a very interesting and equally matched fight. Bonnie may be a little out of commission just now, given that she's been attacked by Kai again. But I'm pretty confident that she (and Matt) will be making full recoveries and allow us to see the full extent of her witchy wrath. (Anyone else all for a sexually fueled witch battle between Bonnie and Kai? No? Just me?)

Either way, though, make no mistake — war is coming to Mystic Falls and odds are it's going to be a bloody good time. (Hold me.)

Images: Bob Mahoney/The CW