Jaime King's Son Loves Her Makeup Bag So Much That She Had To Get Him His Own Kit

When you're a working mother, sometimes you have to bring your baby to work with you. And when you're an actress, that means the makeup studio. It makes sense then that Jaime King's son loves her makeup bag. And not just the bag, but the contents within, because 19-month-old James likes to throw tantrums when he doesn't get to play with her lipstick.

While King awaits the arrival of baby number two, she reflected on her first son's favorite toy. "It's a constant day-to-day battle where I am fighting a tube of lipstick out of his hands and he gets deeply upset," King said. No matter how sweet her little boy is, there's something about her makeup that causes him to "lose it" in a way that she's never seen before. Luckily, she knows why. "He sat in my lap since he was six months old ... watching my makeup being done for every event," King said. Her makeup artists even take part in James' interest in makeup, by bringing him brushes and such for his own makeup collection.

The toddler has gotten so involved in King's products that he can even apply a few of them, with ease. "He came down the other day … he came down with Touche Éclat concealer on his T-zone and under his eyes," King said. And even though it wasn't "blended in," James knew exactly where to put it on. He even put on some Burberry lipstick.

I don't just love this because I seriously love children, I love it because it shows how cool of a mom King is. To ignore the gender norms of our time and allow her little boy to play with products that most women cherish (I mean, Touche Éclat isn't cheap), is something not a lot of moms would do, which makes it even cooler. I hope one day that I have the same mentality — and beauty cabinet.