What If Tom Hiddleston Starred In These Rom-Coms?

I hate to say this, but a beautiful face is being bogarted by Marvel. See, though your favorite Internet boyfriend Tom Hiddleston is known for being a gentlemanly romantic, he's been using all of his acting chops playing bad guy with the boys. And it's really upsetting because, well, Hiddleston belongs to us, and he belongs to the world of romantic comedies. Yet, somehow, rom-coms are the one thing Hiddleston stays away from. What if Hiddleston starred in all our favorite rom-coms? For some reason, we have yet to find this out.

I know, it's hard to believe, but really think about it for a minute. Thus far, his career extends to being a villainous figurehead in a handful of superhero franchises, some Shakespearean roles, and a few dark, under-the-rader flicks. He did have a cameo in Midnight in Paris, so that was kind of close. But overall, Hiddleston doesn't pop up in enough fluffy, giggle-filled rom-coms with wacky misunderstandings and probably Meg Ryan. And we should change that.

So you know what? If Hiddleston doesn't want to be a romantic comedy leading man, then we'll MAKE him one. And how will we do that? With the seamless magic of Photoshop, my friends.

Because you know you've been waiting for it, here's what it would look like if Hiddleston starred in some of your favorite romantic comedies.

1. Ten Things I Hate About You, Tom Hiddleston

It's crazy to think anyone would hate anything about him, but that feisty Kat Stratford is a unique rebel that isn't falling for his bad boy charms. Will his dashing ways be able to sway her? Or is something more sinister at hand?

No. No because he is a perfect, respectful gentleman.

2. When Loki Met Sally

Sally is a journalist that believes that men and women can be friends without sex getting in the way. Loki is an evil god of mischief who believes that all human beings are scum and should bow down to him. Will they be able to negotiate their different viewpoints and have it blossom into something more?

3. You've Got Mail (Probably From Tom Hiddleston)

In this love letter (ha) to courtship in the Internet age, two real-life rivals carry on a formal flirtationship over gmail. What happens when Kathleen Kelly finds out the truth about her clandestine cyber-beau... that he's Tumblr famous?

4. Say Anything (because I love you and I'll literally listen to anything that comes out of your mouth)

In this Cameron Crowe classic, two crazy kids fall in love. She, a beautiful Valedictorian with a heart of gold. He, nerd culture's biggest sex symbol with hair of red. The only way to know Hiddleston is to love him.

5. (500) Days of Tom Hiddleston

Summer tells Hiddleston that she's not really looking for a relationship. He says he respects her candor and would love to play it cool and see where their adventures take them.

She falls madly, madly in love.

6. Friends with Benefits (I mean, if you're looking for that kind of thing)

I think the biggest take away from this is that the Friends with Benefits poster is kind of gross. Also, he would NEVER. He would wine and dine you, lavishing you with fresh bouquets of flowers every day.

7. T-Hids Actually

Spoiler alert, he plays the entire ensemble cast.

8. Pretty Woman

OK, it's time to get off the Internet.

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