Robert Pattinson Is Still a Total Hufflepuff

Before he was the sparkling vampire of our dreams in the Twilight movies, Robert Pattinson was part of the Harry Potter franchise as beloved Hufflepuff Cedric Diggory. Those were the golden days back when the actor was not yet a household name and all of the Potter kids seemed liked family. Even though Pattinson only appeared in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, he left a lasting impression on Potter fans thanks to his character's untimely demise. Dumbledore told us to remember Cedric and we totally did. But has Pattinson stayed true to his Hufflepuff roots?

There are seven traits that will earn you membership into the Hufflepuff house: dedication, hard work, fair play, patience, kindness, tolerance, and being unafraid of toil. While Hufflepuff can get a bad rep as the house that "takes all the rest," its members tend to be truly awesome people. Pattinson has had his share of ups and downs over the course of his young career, but the actor has proven to be resilient throughout breakups, being in the public eye, and growing tired of being Edward Cullen. After everything he has been through, would the man who played the most famous Hufflepuff of them all still be sorted into Hufflepuff? Let Pattinson's track record speak for itself.

1. Dedication

There are parts of fame Pattinson is not such a big fan of, but he still hits the red carpets, the interview circuit, and does all of the other promotional events it takes to keep his career moving forward. He dealt with the strain of being in two huge franchises with humor, and even when things seemed overwhelming he stuck out the rough patches because he was part of a team.

2. Hard Work

Since 2004, Pattinson has made 19 feature films, counting projects currently in production. He is 28-years-old. That definitely counts as hard work.

3. Kindness

As lover of music, Pattinson once gave a street performer a new guitar and money just because he felt compelled to do so. Go ahead and "aww," you know you want to.

4. Patience

Let's be real for a second: any actor who is as universally beloved by a legion of passionate fans who think he is the sexiest guy on the planet has the patience of a saint. Yes, even taking into account any off-color remarks Pattinson has made about his fan base in the past, he is still way more patient than most people.

5. Tolerance

The actor is not as open about the causes he supports as some actors, but he is a champion for a number of charities that work to effect change. He is not just tolerant, he is compassionate, and always up for fighting the good fight.

6. Fair Play

After Kristin Stewart and Pattinson's much publicized breakup, he mostly played it cool and avoided being a jerk over the situation. Instead he seemed bemused the world cared so much.

7. Unafraid of Toil

He made four Twilight movies. Enough said. He is the champion of Hufflepuffs.

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