John Stamos Is A Hot Grandpa In His New Show But It's Not The Only Way His Life Could Inspire TV

When most people think of John Stamos, it's usually as the big-haired, Elvis-loving musician Uncle Jesse on Full House. Or maybe, if you weren't a fan of '90s family sitcoms, it's as Dr. Tony Gates on ER, or perhaps it's as as the guy spouting the benefits of Green yogurt in those Dannon ads. Whatever comes to mind, it's probably not the ageless actor as a dad, let alone a guy capable of breeding two generations of humans. Yet on Friday, it was announced that Stamos will star in Grandfathered , a new Fox comedy about a man who discovers that he's — you guessed it — a grandpa.

In the single-camera series that he's also co-producing, Stamos plays a perennial bachelor, who, to his surprise, learns that he's both a father and a grandfather. The shock comes from, of course, the fact that Stamos is just 51 years old — not to mention that he looks a good decade younger than that, and that in the eyes of Full House fans, he'll forever be 30 years old.

His character's astonishment at being old enough to be a grandfather will certainly provide good fodder for comedy, especially when you consider the tongue-in-cheek nature of the role; if Stamos announced that he was a grandfather, there's not a fan out there whose first reaction to the news wouldn't be, "how?" Seeing as the show appears to inspired by its leading star, here are five more storylines that could be drawn straight from the actor's life:

A Struggling Actor Goes Back To The Role That Made Him Famous

Although he'd had a few high-profile roles in shows like Glee and Galavant, Stamos' career hasn't exactly been on fire lately. Decades after Full House's cancellation, the actor is still best known for playing Uncle Jesse, so it makes perfect sense that he'd want to revisit the part, as he's doing in next year's Fuller House. His new show could follow his struggle to rebuild his career and regain the fame of his prime, all while trying to reconnect with his former co-stars. Speaking of which...

Former Child Stars And Their Famous Co-Star Engage In A War of Words

Did the Olsen twins really not know that Fuller House was happening? Did Stamos really talk to them and get them on-board? We may never know the truth, but perhaps a TV show could make use of the juicy material and give us something good.

A Star Sets Out On Winning An EGOT In The Next Five Years

Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What else could explain Stamos' crazy-fast jumps between movies, TV, theater and music every year? The guy does everything.

The Beach Boys Reunite And Ask A Famous Fan To Join The Band

Stamos has performed with the group plenty of times over the years. Why wouldn't this be the rational next step?

A Former TV Couple Consider Getting Together In Real Life

I know, I know, both Stamos and Lori Loughlin have said many times that they don't have feelings for each other, and besides, Loughlin is married. Still, there's undeniable chemistry there, and fans would love to see the former TV spouses at least flirt with the idea of a real-life reunion. And it'd make such good TV.

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