John Stamos Throws Shade At The Olsen Twins

The phrase one big happy family might no longer apply to the cast of Full House. On Monday, John Stamos weighed in on the Olsen twins' claim that they hadn't known anything about the Full House Netflix revival, called Fuller House, and he was just as surprised to hear that as we were. Of course, our surprise was of the confused or amused variety, and his surprise came in a more decisive, disbelieving manner, but hey. Stamos was throwing shade all over the place on Monday — especially at Lifetime's upcoming unauthorized Full House movie.

The shadiness took place via Twitter, and came in response to two press links that Stamos had drudged up from somewhere. In his first tweet, he replied to a headline claiming he had forgotten to tell the Olsen twins about Fuller House with a simple, "I call bulls***." In the next Full House tweet, he replied to an article about the Lifetime tell-all Full House movie by wishing them luck in an incredibly sarcastic way. There seems to be no real reason why Stamos chose Monday to go on the offensive about these two huge Full House stories, but the plot thickens. The Olsen twins did not immediately respond to Bustle's request for comment, and, according to his publicists, Stamos has no further comment on this matter.

I understand where Stamos is coming from with his frustration. A Fuller House divided cannot stand, and not having the Olsen twins' support would be quite a blow. (Not unexpected by fans, considering how long it has been since either girl was interested in acting, but a blow all the same.) And the Lifetime Full House movie does take some of the attention away from his Netflix revival which has been so long in coming. However, that's no reason why fans and actors alike can't enjoy both works equally. We've gone from having no Full House on the air at all to having two different mediums and networks bringing Full House back to us in some capacity. What is there to be upset about?

At this point, there are very few people — even diehard fans — who believe that the Olsen twins (or even one of them) will return for the Netflix revival. The two are fashion moguls and business women now; acting is in their increasingly distant past. It would be nice, sure, but no one is going to hate them for not wanting to join forces to play Michelle Tanner nearly three years after the last of them quit acting. However, I hope that Stamos warms to the idea of Lifetime's unauthorized Full House movie, because complete cooperation from all of the Full House actors will make the film even better.

It would be hard to "tell-all" about the show if some of the cast refuses to say anything at all, wouldn't it? And I need to know the secrets from that show like I need Ryan Gosling to marry me, or to wake up as Beyoncé. (Keep the dream alive.)

Image: ABC; Giphy