The Emoji Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Probably) Uses Most Often Shouldn't Come As A Surprise

There are two main voices of modernity today. Two ways to express your most passionate views and beliefs to the world. One is the pictorial language of emoji, which used to be called emoticons (and, back when I started texting, didn't exist except for complex colon-parenthesis-apostrophe combinations). The other voice you can always count on is that of , one of the only female justices on the Supreme Court, and someone whose surname I almost just spelled as "bagel."

She's had a lot of noteworthy moments in the past year, and she's not about to go anywhere. this fall, entitled Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Now that Ginsburg has clearly accepted the peaceful coexistence of old media (books) with new media (the meme that helped inspire the biography's title concept), it's time someone got to work convincing her to join the world of emoji.

While I have no doubt that , it is high time that Ginsburg decides on her signature emoji. Everyone who's anyone has one. For example, mine is the bizarrely expressionless yet awkward baby chick, for reasons that are obvious if you have spent five minutes with me. There are options, but one does stand out from the others.

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I am not the first to attempt an answer to this all-important question. The Washington Post's Chloe Magner created in time for the White House Correspondents' Dinner, which includes an RBG icon.

The emoji is a spot-on depiction of Ginsburg's face, down to the lipstick and oversized earrings, but unfortunately, it lacks the creativity and passion we have come to attribute to the Justice herself. So which emojis embody the spirit of RBG?


Everyone knows about the legendary RBG's tipsy appearance at the State of the Union this February, when .

We sit there, stone-faced, the sober judges, but we’re not — at least I wasn’t — 100 percent sober, because before we went to the State of the Union we had dinner together, and I vowed this year, “Just sparkling water, stay away from the wine!” But in the end, the dinner was so delicious it needed wine to accompany it.


This emoji is particularly popular with all the people on Twitter who are impressed with Ginsburg on a daily basis.

Two Women

This emoji is a great selection for Ginsburg because it could represent a few things. First of all, it is one of Apple's new LGBT emojis, and RBG has been very vocal about . Also, the icon , another objective Ginsburg serves well.

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By now, we have established the fact that there are multiple emojis to embody several different aspects of Ginsburg's personality and inspiring attitude. But there is a clear winner that has not been mentioned yet out of respect for the other contestants, so they would not be overshadowed. The truth is, everyone knows . She basically invented it.


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Case closed.

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