This Scratch-Off Map Lets You Document All The Places You've Been, In Case You Needed Another Reason To Travel — PHOTOS

What do you do when you go to a new country? Buy yourself a postcard from your favorite destinations? Start a travel blog? I'm not entirely sure what happened to the good old days of sticking a pin into a wall map, or a globe, every time you went some place new. But for some reason, that tradition has passed us by in order to make room for the latest and greatest: A scratch-off world map. It's exactly as easy as a scratch and sniff perfume sample. But it's not scented. So maybe that's not the most perfect analogy. Whatever, it's really cool.

The point is, it's a perfect new way to keep track of not only where you've been, but you can also scratch off just the top layer of the map to show exactly where you want to travel. It's average poster sized, with a coating of silver scratch-off material. As you scratch away with a coin, the colors of the map are revealed.

This is not only a perfect present for the wanderlustful traveler in your life, it's also just a great gift for yourself. What I'm saying is, if you're going to pick up one for your best friend, I recommend you splurge and buy a second one as well. Just a little tip.

Here's the scratch-off map:

Now all you'll need to do is actually plan a trip so you have a new place to scratch-off!

Here are a few tips for the 20-something traveler to get you going:

1. Take a trip by yourself

"Traveling solo and single is a whole other ball game than traveling as part of a couple or family. And that can be a really exciting ball game, too. If you’re solo, the only mood you have to live with is your own. And if it’s not your best and brightest moment, you don’t have to put on a brave face for anybody."

2. Incorporate small cities into your itinerary, instead of just hitting tourist hubs

"Small cities may be limited in size and population, but sometimes isn’t that just what you’re looking for? A weekend getaway to a tiny town can be refreshing, and with so many cool points of interest on the U.S. map, there’s really no excuse not to go exploring."

3. If you're going to quit your job to travel, plan for it

"As I backpacked my way through Europe, consistently staying below my budget, I realized that by traveling like I lived back home – visiting local markets, taking local transportation, avoiding overpriced tourist restaurants, and finding deals on the Internet -- I could cut my costs without cutting my good time. After all, I didn’t come to Italy not to eat out!"

4. Spend your money on what you want, not what other people want for you

"In my life, there’s been a single, reliable constant: I want to travel. I don’t want to buy a house right now. The only thing I want, to put it simply, is the world."

5. There a travel hacks that will help you spend less

"If you don't pick your destination, you can pick your deal."

Images: Courtesy of Art. Lebedev Studio; Giphy(3)