The 'Simpsons' Character Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Most Like Isn't Ralph Wiggum, That's For Sure

The world of The Simpsons is so complex and nuanced, I almost hesitate to compare them to a government branch that sometimes acts on very simple motives, such as the Supreme Court of the United States. Some may say that is oversimplification, and it is. To compare the two is to oversimplify the world of The Simpsons, a show where there are so many complicated characters and perspectives represented that it is probably more entertaining — and definitely more diverse — than the non-animated world. But sometimes the overlap between the two is just too real. That's why so many real-life guest stars play themselves on The Simpsons: it blurs the line between what's "real" and what is not.

The Supreme Court often operates similarly. Sometimes, , one that closely resembles our own but . Enter the big names, the characters we know must have some flaw — they're only human, or at least human-esque — but we admire without hesitation. The , just like The Simpsons. And while they don't exactly line up with the protagonists, antagonists, and bizarre side characters of The Simpsons (Sideshow Bob, for one), the comparison is one worth investigation. Let's examine which character best aligns with .

Homer Simpson

Pros: Homer is an innovator who isn't afraid to be himself and voice his opinions.

Cons: Homer is perfectly happy being uninformed and is almost never willing to change his opinions.

Verdict: Not the best choice for RBG.

Edna Krabappel

Pros: She likes wine and being in charge. She is also good at dealing in a crisis.

Cons: Krabappel is impatient and often aggressive or apathetic.

Verdict: She could definitely hang out with RBG, but they're not soulmates.

Mr. Burns

Pros: Basically nothing. He definitely does not support workers' rights, the environment, or any kind of social service that RBG would support.

Cons: He is often evil and has nothing in common with RBG except a dignified air and good wardrobe.

Verdict: RBG would probably not be able to tolerate Mr. Burns, but she might bring out his sweet side. Regardless, he is not her kindred spirit.

Ralph Wiggum

Pros: He's proud to be himself and cares about others, though he is not always respectful. He always asks questions and inquires thoughtfully into things he doesn't understand to give them more careful consideration.

Cons: He is not very bright and eats paste.

Verdict: A hangout session between RBG and Ralph would be an interesting case study, but they are not soul sisters.

Groundskeeper Willie

Pros: Willie doesn't take nonsense from anyone, though he will stick up for a good cause and stand by his friends and family.

Cons: Like Krabappel, Willie can be aggressive, even violent, and he is not great at taking other people's points of view into account.

Verdict: Not a match.

Marge Simpson

Pros: She loves wine and giving good advice. She looks out for her fellow people and is outspoken about feminist causes. Marge is also just generally benevolent towards the world, but she's not afraid to make some people mad when it's worth it. She's also a creative problem-solver and probably the best negotiator on the show.

Cons: Marge can sometimes be a bit of a doormat when it comes to be people closest to her. She lets her kids and husband walk all over her quite a bit, subjecting herself to all the household work.

Verdict: It's mostly a toss-up between Marge and Lisa, which is no surprise — like mother, like daughter. I will share my very professional opinion on Which Simpson Is RBG at the end, but it is important to note that the call was very close.

Lisa Simpson

Pros: She's outspoken and passionate about The Issues. Lisa stands up for women's rights, human rights, and animal rights. She cares about the environment and about the standards of her education.

She cares about her elected officials and judicial system.

Lisa is also a doer — she gets things done for herself and isn't afraid to be by herself.

Cons: Lisa is not always a great team player. She has often said she would rather be alone on the computer, with the dog, playing the saxophone, or reading. One can only imagine what it would be like to work with Lisa on a group project — kind of a nightmare, definitely not like a project with RBG.

Verdict: Lisa is the Simpson with the personality and style closest to those of RBG. My verdict would be that Ginsburg's Simpsons soulmate is Lisa Simpson, though I am open to healthy debate on the subject. No comparison is perfect.

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