10 Apple Pies, Crumbles and Thanksgiving Desserts That Prove Pumpkin Is Overrated

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Apple pie is classic, and no Thanksgiving dessert table is complete without it. But just in case you’re tired of the same old pie and want to try something new this year — or in case you very smartly want to supplement that pie with other sweet treats — we took to the internet to show you that you have options. So many options.

Looking for a traditional Dutch apple pie? We’ve got that here. Strudel’s #1 Fan? We’ll hook you up. Want to make use of that nice bottle of bourbon you have sitting around? You’ve come to the right place, you smart girl, you. And in addition to all the ‘old standards,’ we’ve got plenty of newbies here too, including salted caramel apple cheesecake bars, caramel apple monkey bread, and a toffee apple tart tatin. Whether you’re looking for a walk down Thanksgiving memory lane or a new apple adventure entirely, we have everything you need. So grab some cinnamon, some ginger, some nutmeg, and some cloves, a few handfuls of oats, a toss of roasted nuts, and a heck of a lot of brown sugar, and come along. We hope you’re hungry.

Image: How Sweet It Is

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