Zero Waste Cap Allows You To Use All Of The Lotion In Your Bottle, And You'll Never Have To Feel Frustrated Again

Attention everyone, I'm about to deliver some really exciting news about the way you use lotion. A new product called Zero Waste Cap now gives you the ability to use your lotion bottle to its fullest potential. Currently being funded by Kickstarter, Zero Waste Cap is, "a specialty cap with snap on adapters. It's a simple and easy way to get lotion out of bottle when the pump stops working." So basically, all you have to do is snap on one of these handy dandy caps on your almost empty lotion bottle, turn it over for gravity to take its course, and voila! You've got yourself an extra amount of lotion in your palms. Amazing? Amazing.

After taking a peek around their Kickstarter page and website, all I can say is that I'm completely impressed. I mean, it makes so much sense. Nearly most of the lotion bottles I buy have pumps, and when I try to pump out the rest of the lotion at the bottom, I become inevitably frustrated. So what do I do? I resort to either throwing it away. But what I don't realize is that "17%-25% of the contents are left inside the bottle when the pump stops functioning properly." Are you kidding me? That's nearly 1/4 of the entire bottle.

And thus, the Zero Waste Cap was born and I'm sure glad it will now be available for us to use.

Check out how it works. It's pretty neat, and super simple at that:

And for the full experience, make sure to head over to Zero Waste Cap's Kickstarter to watch the video of how it works and consider supporting their product!

Images: Zero Waste Cap/Kickstarter