Iris Shops At Costco & Loves Their Chicken Wraps

Iris Apfel is a woman full of surprises, which is exactly why I love her so much. But nothing surprised me more than learning that Iris Apfel loves shopping at Costco, according to EntertainThis!. Yes, Costco. The magical land filled with endless samples and aisles of packaged goods. While Apfel's new docu-film IRIS explains her life of becoming a proclaimed name in the fashion industry, it's these fun little facts that make me love one of my favorite fashion icons even more. And with her history of fashion quotes proving her style royalty, it's cool to know that she also relates to, like, 90% of this country's population.

One of the producers of IRIS, Rebekah Maysles told EntertainThis!:

She has a really good appetite; she likes to eat. She’s always nibbling on things and she always made sure we had food. She likes to go shopping at Costco and get the wrap (sandwich). She goes to the one in Long Island City.

Well, Apfel and I sure have a lot in common. With a busy schedule like hers, it's completely necessary for her to eat whatever she wants, whenever she wants, because she's basically queen. Also, who doesn't love a good Costco chicken wrap!?

Oh, and make sure to not to help yourself to too much when it comes having dinner with Apfel. Maysles also explains:

She got really mad when her husband ate all the smoked salmon.

TBH, I'd be super upset too. Nobody messes with my smoked salmon.

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