Things Only Your Mom Is Allowed To Say

Moms, in their infinite wisdom, have no time for our nonsense, and usually cut to the chase, whether they're taking care of us or telling us how it is. Moms aren't all that interested in such social conventions such as etiquette or decorum—that stuff going out the window after they've changed your diapers and cleaned up your puke. So yes, there are plenty of things that moms say that would be weird or even wildly inappropriate coming from anyone else. Since this is Mother's Day, it's a good time to reflect on all the seemingly bizarre things that most moms say at one time or another to their offspring.

Sometimes these things don't change from the time you're a kid because look, you still need a hair cut and those doughnuts are going to ruin your appetite. Mom is worried if you are making friends at work and if you are using "protection" with that new fling of yours. And give her a break if she gets a little choked up when she realizes you're in your 20s, because for your mother, you'll always be a baby. BuzzFeed Yellow has a hilarious new video with a collection of some of the things everyone hears from their mom, but said by other people, and it is strange, to say the least.

Mom doesn't want you to get sick by eating too many doughnuts. But seriously, random office worker, don't even close that box on my hand again.

There is no Mom food like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But there is really no reason anyone else should be making one for you, is there?

Hey, Mom is worried about you and doesn't want you to catch cold. Usually the "young man" or "young lady" after "do you have a jacket?" is implied. But the random bartender doesn't need to worry about what kind of coat you have.

Ah, the classic Mom move: The hand-to-the-forehead to check your temperature. Don't resist it, she usually knows when you have a fever. On the other hand, it is bizarre for anyone other than a parent to use this technique to try to determine if you're sick.

Look, Mom is always going to question your fashion choices, and usually, whether you admit it or not, she's not entirely wrong. She was the first one to make you question your jellies. So don't expect her to accept your skinny jeans. But again, random people don't need to comment on your wardrobe.

Images: YouTube/BuzzFeed Yellow (5)