5 Problems Women Have That Men Never Understand

It's nearly impossible to get other people to understand your problems, because—let's fact it—people kind of suck at empathizing about things that have never actually happened to them directly. Which is probably why someone on r/AskWomen asked female users to share some typical problems women have that men don't understand. Hopefully these answers will shed some light on some of the everyday issues women face. If not, at least we can all commiserate about dealing with the same annoyances. Hooray for misery loving company!

Also, because I know you're thinking it: not all of these answers are going to be menstruation related. Shocking, I know! It definitely does suck to bleed from your uterus once a month, every month! I am absolutely not denying that. But I think saying that having your period is a pain is kind of like saying cats aren't affectionate—we all know that already. Plus, it would get kind of boring to read after a while. So I've done my best to keep the period stuff to a minimum.

I've chosen five answers that I think accurately sum up the female plight, but you can read all the answers here at the original thread.

1. Drake lied.

Yeah, many people have no idea how much makeup goes into making it look like you're not wearing any makeup.

2. First things first, this is the realest.

YEP. Because if (God forbid) something does happen, it's, "Oh, why did she put herself in that situation to begin with? Oh, why didn't she protect herself?"

3. Yeah, who decided that, anyway?

And I can't even pretend not to care about my legs being a freaking jungle anymore because it's summertime.

4. Okay, this one IS about periods.

Like, come on, who hasn't dealt with a rebel pantyliner or pad at some point? Ouch.

5. The online dating struggle is real.

YES, THANK YOU. I would honestly rather have no messages than a bunch of gross innuendos or messages that just say "hi." What am I supposed to do with either of those?

Images: Courtney Carmody / Flickr; Reddit