This 'Originals' Season 3 Theory Has The Witches Taking Center Stage, Raining Destruction on The Vampires

Davina Claire you get down with your bad witchey-self! After spending Season 2 of The Originals getting pushed around by magical forces she finally took control of her own destiny and made a very convincing speech that won her the position of Regent of the Nine Covens (pretty impressive sounding, no?). Already a strong witch, this will give her new power and influence to really do some damage, and she has plenty of reasons to want to use that power against pretty much everyone in the French Quarter. The witches themselves were the ones to sacrifice her, along with all of the other harvest girls, a plan which backfired spectacularly. The werewolves are hostile to the witches since they cursed them with the whole "reverse transformation" spell, though no wolf has actively tried to kill Davina herself (yet). The real faction that should be very afraid of her new powers are likely the ones who won't see it coming: the vampires. I'd wager that The Originals Season 3 will have the witches rise up against vampires.

Davina has a complicated history with the vampires, she and Marcel are close like brother and sister — but that has sometimes been used against her, to manipulate her into helping her sworn enemy Klaus. Her new position will allow her to even out the battlefield between witches and vamps, and even though the witches have declared war against the Originals before, this time the war will not be stopped so easily.

Davina already has a prodigous amount of magic, and it seems like that is only going to increase as she takes on her new role. That would likely be enough to go to war, but we now have the addition of a new witch (warlock? Do they differentiate gender titles?) with a very familiar face in the game. Vincent, former host to Finn and therapist to Camie seems incredibly powerful — while he has been making some big speeches about getting of out the magic game I have a hunch he will stick around to help Davina. Combining their powers will let them bring all sorts of destruction to the vampires, the group that has been the largest danger to the witches long before Klaus and family ever showed up on the scene.

The witches have taken a backseat to the Shakespearean family drama that the Mikaelson's have been embroiled in lately, and I think that's a sign that they will be the major players in Season 3, after the Dahlia drama has been sorted out (and it will get handled, there's no way Klaus lets her leave New Orleans alive). Davina and Vincent are poised to be at the very heart of it, strengthening the witches covens in ways that haven't been allowed since Marcel launched his "no magic" campaign years ago. It should make for some pretty conflicting battles since both people have such strong ties to the very vampires they'll be fighting agaisnt. Rebekah is still (mostly) in the body of Vincent's ex-wife, and I think he has a crush on Camie who is all sorts of tied up with Klaus. Davina is friends with Rebekah and Marcel is her family — basically there are lots of alliances there ripe for betrayal. It's kind of the perfect blend of heartache and action we've come to expect from The Originals.

Images: Guy D'Alema, Annette Brown/The CW