'The Originals' Hayley Needs A Solid Gal Pal

Is there anything better than watching a solid female friendship develop on your favorite TV show? It can often be better than the romantic relationships the shows are built on, with less awful breakups or will-they-won't-they tension. If Julie Plec were to ever ask me what I'd add into The Originals for Season 3 (side note: I'm ready and willing, Julie!), I would add in some more killer female friendships. (That and a mandatory shirtless Marcel scene every episode — give the people what they want, and all that jazz.) The bromances on the show are all alive and well, but we don't have any lady besties and I'd love to see more girl talk in the mix. I have just the solution for getting some more girl time in on the show: We should import Hart of Dixie's Lemon Breeland to be besties with The Originals’ Hayley Marshall. I've thought a lot about what would happen if Hayley was BFFs with Lemon Breeland, and every possible outcome is amazing.

True, they don't exactly run in the same circles, but I have a feeling that if these two ever met they'd combine powers and conquer the world. The vampires wouldn't stand a chance against them, and we'd all have one more fabulous example of ladies supporting ladies. At the very least, I could see these awesome things happen:

There'd Be More Girl Talk

Aside from Rebekah, Hayley does not have many friends, and she's got a serious lack of girlfriends. Lemon would be a much needed sound-board for her problems, they could even call in Anna Beth and Cricket when things get really tough — which happens a lot in New Orleans.

Supernatural Love Triangles Would Be At An All-Time High

You know that if Lemon spent more than five minutes in the French Quarter she would have supernatural suitors all over her. I'm already shipping her and Marcel (sorry Lavon), but there would be no shortage of triangles in which she could get tangled.

Halijah Would Be A Thing

Speaking of love connections, there is no way Lemon would let Hayley suppress her feelings the way she has been. Lemon would give Hayley some good old fashioned real talk about following her heart... which we all know would lead her straight to Elijah.

We'd See Some Very Unique Fashion

Bayou couture, meet Alabama belle style. Lemon would bring some hoop skirt style into the mix, and Hayley would lend her some sensible shoes while they hang out in the woods.

There'd Be Really Fabulously Catered Slumber Parties

We've seen plenty of slumber parties on The Vampire Diaries; this would be similar except Lemon would make sure it was catered by the best restaurant — which naturally means her own. Fancies for everyone!

Free Medical Advice For Supernatural-Types

For the amount that everyone gets beat up on The Originals, I'm surprised their not already better friends with a doctor. With Lemon on their side, they'd have Dr. Hart and Dr. Breeland on speed dial for all their supernatural battle wounds.

All Of The Parades

There is already a parade every week in New Orleans (I'm pretty sure), but it's a rare day that everyone takes a break from the drama to go celebrate. That would all change if Lemon and Hayley teamed up, taking advantage of the festivities for some fun.

There'd Be Bigger Schemes

So, you didn't think that things could get more convoluted than Klaus' plots, you say? Just wait until Lemon gets involved. She would take his manipulations to the next level — all for the greater good of course.

Klaus Would Be Kept In Check

While we're on the subject, Klaus would be kept in check. Hayley already is a match for Klaus, standing up to him at every turn. Lemon would use her superior powers of persuasion to keep him in check and under control. Dare I say he may even lose the spotlight to these awesome ladies?

Lemon & Hayley Would Be An Unstoppable Support Team

With Hayley as the Bonnie (or more realistically the Caroline) to her Elena, Lemon would support Hayley when things were tough and celebrate with her when things were good. At the end of the day we'd have two strong, fierce women being there for eachother... and being serious role models for the rest of us.

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