Jake & Captain Holt Have A Surprising Partnership

by Laura Rosenfeld

Now this is what I'm talking about. I love it when Jake and Captain Holt share the screen because their status as polar opposites and dysfunctional father-son-like relationship never fails to produce hilarious results. So to have an entire episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine featuring them partnering up to solve one of the biggest cases the 99th Precinct has ever seen basically made all of my dreams come true until the end of the episode crushed all of them.

But at first, it didn't look like we would have the magical pairing of Perolt or Heralta. I haven't decided what name the dynamic duo of Captain Holt and Jake Peralta should be yet. As the Nine-Nine began to investigate the murder of one Carl Mather, a member of the Fulton Street Four that stole $21 million from an armored car depot, Madeline Wuntch called Jake, Charles, and Holt in to discuss the bigger-than-usual case.

Remember, Wuntch and Holt loathe each other more than any two people should, so Holt figured that she was planning on giving the high-profile case to the Major Crimes unit just to spite the Nine-Nine. To everyone's surprise, Wuntch decided to let the Nine-Nine tackle the case and get any resources from the NYPD that they want to boot. In the words of Jake, whaaaaaaaaat?!

Yes, Wuntch's kindness was definitely super out of character, so Holt naturally thought she was up to something. Holt decided to partner up with Jake on the case to help him and make sure the Nine-Nine succeeds. That'll show Wuntch.

Well, Holt's paranoia is our bingpot, a combination of the words "bingo" and "jackpot" that Jake used when he couldn't decide which word to go for, as you do. Though Jake and Charles recognized how epic the situation was, looking for a murderer and trying to track down $21 million, after all, Holt was not having this at all since he was always looking over his shoulder, waiting for Wuntch's "I told you so."

But that's all right, because the combination of a stoic, no-nonsense Holt and a totally jazzed and nonsensical Jake is all we could have asked for. Season 2 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has had its ups and downs, but this episode brought me back to the series pilot when Holt first came to the Nine-Nine and was immediately at odds with Jake over how things should be done at the precinct. The real magic of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was always in the conflict between free-wheeling Jake and straight-laced Holt. I feel like Brooklyn Nine-Nine got its mojo back with Sunday night's episode, and I have high hopes for Season 3.

That was until we got to the end of the episode. As Holt and Jake made progress on the case, Holt eventually went from wet blanket to Velvet Thunder, and the Nine-Nine caught the murderer and the money.

However, the victory celebration was cut short when Wuntch told Holt that she did in fact want the Nine-Nine to crack the case so she could have an excuse to promote him to a desk job as head of public relations for the NYPD, the exact opposite of the kind of post Holt wanted. That means the Nine-Nine will have to say adios to Holt.

Again, in the words of Jake, whaaaaaaaaat?! A Nine-Nine without Holt is not a Nine-Nine at all. This is just unacceptable.

However, if there's one thing about the Nine-Nine, it's that if there's a problem, this crew always knows how to solve it. I expect them to figure out a way to keep Holt at the precinct pronto.

Images: Erica Parisse/FOX; iwantyoumellark/Tumblr; Giphy