Dudes Recreate 100-Year-Old Bromantic Photos

Sometimes, dudes can be adorable (to any dudes reading this, don't let your head get too big over that last statement). The case in this new BuzzFeed video of dude friends recreating 100-year-old bromance photos is that there's lots of male adorableness going on. The video involves lots of cute guys maneuvering into intimate positions with their pals in order to recreate old photos of men behaving intimately, but in a platonic way—which as we know, is for some reason very embarrassing for men.

The guys recreate three different photos of varying intimacy. The first photo has one sitting on the others lap, the second has one riding the other like a horse, and the third has them embracing with their shirts off. Watching their varying levels of discomfort is pretty funny, especially for a woman who probably doesn't think twice about showing affection to her female friends. It's a weird wall men have put up against their friends, and it's only perpetuated by the media. Even the guys in this video say the old photos are from a more "innocent" time, which makes me sad that we live in a community in which everything seems to have a sexual undertone. Should we bother talking about how all of this is basically a joke playing on the culture of internalized homophobia in straight men? Nah, let's skip it. We all know. We see you guys.

Watch the whole thing below:

Meanwhile, here are some examples of unnecessarily awkward man on man touching:

1. Joey and Ross being embarrassed about napping together, which is the weirdest, most offensive #nohomo plot of Friends

2. This great example of what happens when a man tries to show physical affection towards another man

3. This awkward Voldemort-Draco bromantic moment

4. Bono and Diddy's awkward moment

5. This Arrested Development displaying that even actual brother's feel weird embracing

We'll get there again, dude friends. And then we'll all party like it's 1915 or something.

Images: YouTube (2); Giphy (5)