6 Prom Makeup Tools That'll Make Putting Your Face On So Much Easier

High school marks a period in which monumental moments in a teenage girl’s life come in abundance, and prom night probably beats a first date, a Sweet Sixteen, and the issuance of a driver’s license. With the costs of a dress, shoes, accessories, hair, and nails, using prom makeup tools to put your own face on the night of can help calm dear piggy bank oinking for mercy.

Of course, there’s nothing like handing yourself over to a professional to get a flawless look for the big night, but that’s yet another cost added onto your budget. Doing your own prom makeup is not unusual, nor will it ruin your big day — in fact, it'll just draw out the part where you get ready with your friends, which is the best bit of prom anyway. Will it save you some extra cash? Of course! More importantly, is it possible to do a professional job with the skill set of a beginner? In the words of a fluffy cat dying to get a treat, “yassss!” With the right tools in your toolbox (aka your makeup bag), doing your own prom makeup can be much easier than you think. Get ready to cast away those doubts and channel your inner MUA as you check out six tools that will help you do a killer job on your prom makeup.

1. Eye Shadow Stencils

Cat Eye & Smokey Eye Makeup Stencils, $15, Beth Bender Beauty

If you’re known to struggle with keeping a steady hand, eye shadow stencils may be just what you need. Line them up against your lids and get ready to have your eye makeup set perfectly into place. Plus, with the cat wing feature of these stencils, getting that liner work down to a science has never been easier.

2. Brow Shapers

Ardell Brow Shapers Cold Wax Strips, $4,Amazon

Nothing will set off your look quite like a set of flawlessly trimmed brows. These heat free, mess free strips will be your golden ticket to a land where all brows are groomed to perfection. It may require some maneuvering and precision when setting these strips into place, but the process is quick and all your effort will be worth it. Just be prepared for a slight sting when you rip these bad boys off.

3. Brow Contouring Stencils

Anastasia Beverly Hills Classic Stencils, $20,Sephora

By now, you know the deal: If your eyebrows ain’t on fleek, your makeup game is weak. After you’ve completed that quick wax, you’ll want to be sure to fill in those brows. It may seem like a challenge if you’re not used to brow contouring, but don’t furrow your brows in frustration just yet! Brow stencils take away the struggles of freehand filling. Just select the type of arch you’d like and begin contouring away.

4. Eyeliner Decals

Velvet Eyeliner Appliques, $5, Sephora

When you’ve given up on flicking that wrist jusssst right to get the smooth curve of the coveted cat eye, why not stick your liner into place? Available in several colors and designs by a range of companies, eyeliner decals will save you the trouble of trying to master winged liner. Clearly Red Bull isn’t the only one giving out wings these days… cosmetic companies are too!

5. Eyelash Applicator

Bulls Eye Lash Applicator, $12,Sephora

The chances that you’ll be rocking some faux lashes to prom are, well, pretty much definitive. And if you’re a newbie, it won’t hurt to have a little assistance with applying those falsies. Eyelash applicators come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, but no matter the specific characteristics, they all serve one purpose: Helping you add length and volume to your eyes with minimum effort. Be sure to go easy on the lash glue, however; just a dab will do.

6. A Spoon

Toss those Cheerios and milk from your spoon because you’ve got better things to do with it. You’ve seen it remove hickies. You’ve watched it help glide liner towards a perfect cat eye. Now watch it work overtime as your contouring guide. Simply clasp the spoon to the apple of your check and use your contouring powder just below it. Just be sure to steer clear of your mom… not sure how she’ll feel when she sees her good china covered in makeup.

Having to do your own makeup for prom won’t be the end of your high school world as you know it. With an open mind and some extra help from these beauty tools, you’ll be looking Queen Bey #flawless in no time. Just be sure to test these products beforehand so you’re a pro by the time your big night arrives.

Images: Adam KR, Ashley Ringrose/Flickr; Courtesy of Brands;