8 Times Tom Hiddleston Cuddled With Animals

You probably won't be surprised when I tell you that Tom Hiddleston loves animals. He's basically the sweetest man ever, so why wouldn't he adore all creatures great and small? But beyond just liking them, he sees a sensitiity and connection in animals that only the most attentive of people would understand. Around the time of War Horse's release he Hiddleston spoke of his adoration of animals — particularly dogs, cats, and horses — and his love of our furry friends will make you fall for him even more.

"I've had relationships with the dogs and cats we had as children and I felt very close to those domestic animals," he said in an interview. "My dogs in particular, and one cat named Orlando." (Orlando!) He also admitted he used to be frightened of horses, but allowed an open mind when shooting with them for War Horse, and eventually he came around 180 degrees on his opinion. "As a child I was quite frightened of them because they were so big and so powerful," he admitted. "But actually the experience of making this film has been a gift because I'm completely in love with horses now, and all I want to do is earn enough money so I can buy my own... they have an incredible sensitivity. They're so intelligent and so noble."

Honestly, bless Hiddleston for wanting to save his film earnings to buy a horse. I hope he's been able to do so now. And, if Tom Hiddleston talking about them wasn't cute enough, here's him posing with his animal kingdom friends. This man is too much.

When He Regally Rode This Horse

Tom Hiddleston on horseback is kind of the best.

When He Chased This Dog Around

Same, though.

When He Petted This Jungle Cat

The jaguar is so here for this.

When He Cuddled A Dog And Sang A Christmas Carol

Honestly, no.

When Birds Of Prey Were NBD

I'm terrified of birds, but Hiddleston is definitely not.

When He Had A Conversation With This Horse

Hiddleston doesn't care about your cameras, he's talking to Joey.

When He Met This Kitty

His level of interest is precious.

When He Cuddled A Dog Wearing A T-Shirt


Images: Walt Disney Studios; gorgeousanon/Tumblr; Debbie Krusel/Pinterest