Miles Teller Is Legitimately A Movie Lifeguard

Another totally normal day at the beach for a totally normal twenty-something human whose life is definitely not a movie. Miles Teller saved a drowning pregnant woman and her child at the beach the other day, because he's basically the invincible lifeguard from a '60s beach movie. I'm imagining that after all this, some rosy-cheeked child was like, "Gee, mister. You saved the day!" The child was probably eating ice cream, and I'm just guessing he looked like a young Ron Howard.

As TMZ reports, the Fantastic Four actor and his girlfriend Keleigh Sperry sprang into action when they saw a very pregnant woman and her child struggling to get out of a riptide at a beach in Miami. Well, it was either a riptide, a shark, or possibly both. Talk about a sticky situation! Sperry wrote about the incident on Instagram, saying that the woman told them "not to freak out but it was a shark." Basically, if I were pitching a film based on this event, it would be like Baywatch meets Jaws meets Beach Blanket Bingo — because we need an opportunity for everyone to have a dance party while The Monkees make a musical cameo. It just feels like a necessary detail.

Annnnd, another one for the cheap seats in the back...

Teller is striking comic book movie franchise gold with his role as Mr. Fantastic, but if he were ever interested in becoming a retro beach movie hero, it could definitely happen. I'd say he and his girlfriend could be the new Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello, only more heroic. Next time, they could save two pregnant ladies and a cat from a school of hammerhead sharks with laser beams attached to their heads. Then, everyone can eat ice cream and do the mashed potato in celebration.