T-Shirt Inception, Like Macauley Culkin & Ryan Gosling Had, Is Possible With This Fantastic New Website

Have you ever heard the age old saying, "I'm going to make a T-shirt of you, then wear said T-shirt of you, then make a T-shirt of me wearing the T-shirt of you?" It's a legendary concept, often talked of and dreamed of, but does anyone actually take the time to do it? Well, as fate would have it, Macauley Culkin and Ryan Gosling have lived the dream of T-shirt inception — and now you can too.

Ryan started it by donning a white tee emblazoned with an iconic image of Macauley in Home Alone from Life Magazine, and Macauley followed suit over a year later, with what had to be a specially-made shirt featuring a paparazzi snap of Ryan wearing the Home Alone T-shirt — and thus, a legend was born.

Now T-shirt Inception had made a game of shirtception, which is in part inspired by the antics of Macauley and Ryan: Participants are invited to upload a photo of themselves — then, the photo is printed on a shirt and sent (along with a note/call to action) to the friend of the participant's choice. Said friend then snaps themselves wearing the shirt, sends it back to T-shirt Inception to be made into a new shirt, and so on, and so forth — the game can literally go on infinitely, which is pretty mind-bending when you think about it.

Pretty cool, right? Oh, and here's the real question here: When are we going to get our third bout of shirtception, wherein Ryan wears a shirt of Macauley wearing the shirt of Ryan wearing the shirt of Macauley?

Deep thoughts, man. Deep thoughts.

Images: Getty Images; Twitter