What To Wear On A Date When It's A Million Degrees

Going on dates in the summer can be extra fun: You have so many more options for activities, you can take some vacation time to go on a getaway, and the dry heat gives you more incentive to strip down and spend the afternoon in bed in front of an air conditioner. Summer romance is a perk of the warmer months, too, but it can be hard to figure out how to dress for a date in hot weather. It can be even harder to feel adorable when you're sweating buckets from almost the second you step out the door. I hear you, guys.

Whether you finally found a person on Tinder who seems relatively normal, you got the nerve to ask out the person you've been crushing on who makes your morning latte, or you're already in a relationship and just like going on dates with your partner, you're going to want to look cute for that date. And I've got you, girl. I promise that it is possible to feel sexy, adorable, and confident even when you feel like the sweat coming off the back of your neck alone is enough to dehydrate you into a tiny raisin. You are not a raisin, though! You are a human woman and you're going to look great! I promise.

Here are some tips for dressing for a scorching hot date:

1. Lighten Up

Wear the thinnest fabrics you can find, so the bulk of your clothing isn't making you even hotter. The trick is to find things that are thin, but still opaque enough (if that's the look you're going for) so you don't have to add layers — because that defeats the whole point.

2. Go Breezy

Pick wider, more billow-y cuts that give you some breathing room and let your body cool off a bit. Maxi skirts, wide-leg pants and rompers, slip dresses, and A-line shirts and skirts are going to be your friends.

3. Don't Be Afraid Of A Full Sleeve

When I moved to Malaysia, people told me to wear long sleeves. I thought they were trying to trick me, but caftans became my saving grace. Instead of the heat (and UV rays) landing on my skin, the loose, long sleeves absorbed it and kept me protected from the sun at the same time.

4. Pack A Layer

Just in case your date goes great and keeps you up into the wee hours, or in case you end up in a freezing cold restaurant or theater, pack a big scarf, a cropped jacket, or a cardigan in your bag. And also ask to steal a bit of your date's body heat.

5. Keep Things Open-Toed

Whether you're into a dressy flip-flop, a stacked wedge, or some cute flats, an open toe is your friend. Just thinking of a sweaty, slippery foot inside a soggy sock is stressing me out. If your feet are prone to sweating or if you're self-conscious about their smell, then apply some deodorant and/or deodorizing foot powder beforehand.

6. Just Breathe

Wear a breathable fabric for crying out loud! Cotton, linen, denim, or a blend is going to be less likely to trap heat and cause sweating than a synthetic.

7. Wear What Makes You Feel Good

Above all, wear what makes you feel cute! Being confident and being true to your own style are the cutest things of all, and are going to make you more comfortable than any of these tips. Whether you have a go-to outfit that makes you feel instantly babely or a lucky piece of clothing, doing you and being true to your own personal style are of utmost importance, and are going to let your personality shine.

Here are two different outfits to inspire you and get you started:

Keepin' It Casual

Clockwise From Top Left:Denim Drawstring Romper, $23, forever21.comHeathered Stripe Romper, $16, forever21.comResin Fineline Necklace, $40, elkaccessories.comCotton Giant Scarf, $60, scarf-shop.comSandals, $25,

Romantic Dinner

Clockwise From Top Left:

Drake Raglan Dress, $140, gravelandgold.comMynt 1798 Sheer Back Dress, $218, heygorgeous.comHigh Low Blazer, $36, charlotterusse.comSeychelles Like You Mean It Wedge, $100, modcloth.comLife In Progress Denim Jacket, $28, forever21.comSticks Sans Stones Necklace, $135,

Images: Fotolia; Giphy; Courtesy Brands