'MAFS' Couple Doug & Jamie Made It Official

If you've seen a single episode of Married At First Sight, you're probably already in love with Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis. Their relationship might have been a little iffy in the beginning, but eventually, it evolved into a stable, loving relationship once they got to know each other better. After watching their first meeting, I never would have imagined that more than a year later, they'd still be married, but now they're stronger than ever, based on their often mushy Instagram posts. Doug and Jamie (plus their dog, Lady, duh) make an adorable family, and I can't wait to find out what's next for them. And speaking of next, what are Doug and Jamie up to today? Spooning and doing general life things together — and social media makes it look amazing.

Married at First Sight: The First Year provided a pretty solid update on the couple, especially where their ridiculously cute vow renewal in St. Thomas was concerned. Now that the season's over, though, I'm suffering a little withdrawal. But don't worry — it's nothing that can't be cured with a little social media stalking. And fortunately, Doug and Jamie are pretty open on Instagram and Twitter, sharing the ups and downs of married life with their followers and obvs being super adorable while they do it.

Jamie Changed Her Last Name To Hehner

The decision to change your last name to your husband's when you get married is a big choice, and Jamie decided to make it as a way of honoring the commitment she shared with Doug to their marriage. For their first anniversary, Jamie made it official and presented him with the evidence as a gift in a moment that I'm praying the FYI folks caught on camera.

They've Been Working On A YouTube Project

They've been pretty quiet about this one, but Doug and Jamie are working on something for the FYI YouTube channel. I'm hoping it's a regular thing, because I need something to do while I wait for FYI to announce Married At First Sight: The Second Year.

Jamie's Got a New Hosting Gig

Remember how Jamie was on an audition when Doug sprung that surprise proposal on her? She eventually got the gig and has been working the red carpet for Star Shop. But don't worry — she specifically said that she's not quitting her job as a nurse.

And Doug's Back To Playing Softball

And apparently, that means he won't be doing housework. Um, I have a feeling that excuse won't fly, Doug.

Still, these two are pretty cute in their post-MAFS life, eh?

Image: FYI