Son Surprises His Parents With A Trip To Hawaii For Their Anniversary, Making The Rest Of Us Look Bad, So Thanks, Dude — VIDEO

Warning: Even if you pulled out all the stops for Mother's Day, you're about to feel like an inadequate child. You might've gotten exactly what your mother wanted for Mother's Day, or an even more meaningful Mother's Day gift. But you know what you didn't do? Get your parents a trip to Hawaii. See? Told ya you'd feel like a terrible kid. This man surprised his parents with an anniversary trip to Hawaii, and it illustrates the exact truth we already knew: Your parents deserve everything and more for the world they gave you. I mean, come on. They let you get away with lying as a child and smiled through gritted teeth as your trashed their house. (Well, if you were a toddler. If you were a teenager, it was probably less cute and endearing.)

Every year on Mother's Day, we stress about what to get our moms. Then a month goes by and we have a similar (if not greater) panic about what to get our dads. But thanks to the guy who surprised his family with a vacation, we've been brought to the light. All we needed to do this whole time is buy our parents a trip to Hawaii. PERFECT. Touching and within budget!

...OK, not quite. Seeing as we probably can't afford to make this our Father's Day surprise by June (maybe next year, after the large windfall we could totally get), we might as well appreciate this guy's success instead. He did it ALL. He not only made sure the trip would fall on his parent's 50th wedding anniversary, but he told both their bosses and got them off work. Tell me that's not the parental DREAM.

Here's how his parents reacted to the surprise:

NRay7882 on YouTube

You really have to hand it to this dreamboat of a son. He done good.

If this doesn't quite seem like something you can afford to do for your parents, don't fret. We can all find a cheaper way to tell the people who raised us how much we appreciate them. Or, we can go the opposite route, and completely tank the holiday, so that anything we could do after will seem exceptional. Try these handy, pathetic hacks:

1. Tell them you're pregnant/your girlfriend is pregnant as a joke

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Stick with me here: You'll tell them the news, they'll freak out (or maybe it'll be a blessing, I don't know your family), and THEN you'll announce it was a joke.

Instant happiness. BLESS. (Or instant disappointment. I don't know how hungry your parents are for grandkids.)

2. Propose a chili challenge

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And after your eyes are streaming and your mouth is on fire, buy them some ice cream. This is ideal if you can only afford ice cream on Father's Day because no one will appreciate ice cream more than someone whose just engaged in a chili challenge. Fool proof.

3. When all else fails, play Chubby Bunny

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The only way to salvage this is to let them win. Early on. Get through three Chubby Bunny rounds and just call it a day. Hope your mother is as sassy as this one.