'MAFS' Couple Cortney & Jason Are The Cutest

Of all of the couples from the first season of Married at First Sight , Cortney and Jason's relationship was the one I felt most confident in. From that first meeting at the altar, they already seemed connected, like they were meant to be together, and they've always complemented each other perfectly. Besides, Cortney and Jason's struggles were the ones I could truly relate to — having dated my boyfriend through his long, exhausting process of becoming a firefighter, I'd experienced Cortney's sacrifices and complaints, too. Regardless of what these two were going through, they've always been so honest about their arguments — as petty as some of them have been — and it's refreshing to see them tackle those things and succeed. And now, over a year later, Cortney and Jason are still going strong.

After surviving that first difficult year of getting to know each other and learning how to make their marriage work, Cortney and Jason seem happy, according to their social media accounts, anyway. And yes, they're still disgustingly cute, and yes, Cortney is still disgustingly gorgeous. (Hey, Cortney — wanna be my best friend and do my makeup every day?)

Here's what Cortney and Jason have been up to recently:

They Went To Disney World

To celebrate their first anniversary, Cortney and Jason headed to the happiest place on earth and proceeded to share ridiculously adorable photos from Orlando, this being just one of them. If you love Disney as much as I do, you should probably stalk their Instagram accounts. They're precious.

Cortney's Learning To Cook

This video, she and Jason artfully introduce some mahi mahi and "slaw s—t" she concocted in their kitchen, and it doesn't look half bad, especially from someone who didn't start out with too much background knowledge in cooking. She's definitely come a long way since MAFS.

Jason's Still Wrestling

Although really, the only evidence is photos of him half naked wearing what appears to be a speedo masquerading as a wrestling uniform. Not that I'm complaining, of course. Plus, he's still firefighting, which means he's definitely keeping busy.

Cortney's Hanging Out With The Other MAFS Wives

It seems like Cortney, Jamie, and the gals from Season 2 of Married At First Sight (Davina, Jaclyn, and Jessica) hang out on the regular. This is a dinner I want to be at for no other reason than to hear how the experiments really went. What did we not see? I need answers, people!

Image: FYI