Is 'Sex And The City 3' Really Happening? Sarah Jessica Parker Drops Hint Via Instagram — PHOTO

I had written this off as a pipe dream almost five years ago, but it looks like my fantasies may be becoming a reality: a third Sex and the City movie is potentially in the works. On May 11, Sarah Jessica Parker posted a photo to Instagram with the caption: "Well. I guess the cat's out of the (little brown) bag. As usual, we will keep you posted on every detail as we are able." Rumors of SATC 3 have been floating around the internet for quite some time, but Parker's post seems to pretty much confirm what I've been desperately trying to not get my hopes up about.

Well, I'm about ready to let my hopeful flag fly, because this is AWESOME! I know that many critics and SATC fans alike had mixed feelings over the first two films — I was disappointed with a few aspects myself. Remember when Steve cheated on Miranda in the first movie? What was that about? And Carrie kissing Aiden in the franchise's sequel — the man that was perpetually playing second fiddle to Mr. Big during his entire two-season stint on the series? Yeah, that made a lot of sense [insert sarcasm here]. Still, as an avid SATC fan, the enjoyment of seeing my favorite female quintet on the big screen was able to — for the most part — trump any displeasure I found with the films, and there was still plenty to love, even when the story arcs became a bit questionable.

If SATC 3 happens, there's definitely a few things I would like to see addressed, along with some differentiations from the previous films. Without further adieu, I'd like to invite any naysayers to grab their respective cosmopolitans, take a seat, and behold seven things that can make a third SATC movie good enough to have us begging for a fourth installment:

We Need More Manhattan

I'm all for going abroad, but one of SATC's signatures is its glorious New York City backdrop. We need to keep our ladies in Manhattan where they can also enjoy many a cosmopolitan and —yes — manhattans.

We Need More Steve

Remember him? Steve? Miranda's husband/awesome human being? We need more of that guy. I know Steve cheated on Miranda in the first film, but I think we can all agree that made zero sense and we can write it off as some weird dream Miranda was having, or anything to make that whole incident not exist.

We Need Smith Jerrod To Return

sexandthecity8 on YouTube

Am I the only one who screamed "why?!" when Samantha and Smith broke up in the first SATC movie? OK, I didn't actually scream because I was in a crowded theater, but you catch my drift. We need Smith to come back, pronto!

Bring On The Fashion Show

What would SATC be without some new killer fashions to enjoy?

Maybe Carrie & Big Can Renew Their Vows

For all their relationship's tumult, I have always been a staunch Carrie/Mr. Big shipper. We saw their marriage get tested in the SATC sequel, and in the original their wedding almost didn't even happen! A vow renewal could provide an interesting plot point.

Harry & Charlotte #FTW!

There simply has not been enough attention paid to Charlotte and Harry's adorable marriage in the past SATC movies. The most the sequel gave us was Charlotte harboring unjustified jealousy toward her nanny, who she feared Harry wasn't attracted to. He wasn't, and since when has Harry ever showed any signs he would stray? We need a lot less jealously and a lot more romantic scenes for one of our fave SATC couples of all time.

We Need More Blasts From The Past

How is Trey MacDougal doing? What about Richard Wright? What has that guy been up to? There's several characters that made a major impact during their appearances in the SATC series that we haven't seen in the movies. Not only are we curious as to these characters' whereabouts, they could also add some interesting storylines to the potential SATC 3.

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