Natalie Portman Reveals Favorite Red Carpet Looks To 'Elle', Plus 7 Things We Learned About Her Personal Style

Everyone has their all-time favorite looks, and celebrities are no different. In a recent interview with Elle, Natalie Portman revealed her favorite red carpet looks, which have stretched across almost two decades. Her interview taught us a lot about her style evolution and why she is still someone we're looking to for inspiration.

Natalie Portman is known for her brilliant mind and gorgeous, sometimes daring style. She came on the Hollywood scene in the mid-nineties, complete with moody black eyeliner and spaghetti strap dresses. Since then, she’s rocked a fearless shaved head, long blonde hair, bold lipstick and high-fashion red carpet gowns. Sometimes her look is minimal – solid colors and clean silhouettes. In other appearances, she brings it with hair accessories, plunging necklines, and vintage wears.

Portman opened up to Elle magazine about her favorite looks of all time from the red carpet. It included her gorgeous ballerina-inspired Oscars look from 2005 and her all black ensemble for the Gangs Of New York premiere after-party in 2002. Her commentary on her style evolution made us love her even more: no matter how outdated the look (1996!?), Portman understands and appreciates the beauty in each of them and why she chose to wear every piece, way back when.

Here are the 7 bits of fashion wisdom I learned from Natalie Portman's Elle interview.

1. She's creative

Portman remembered her stylist, Kate Young, improvising a last-minute headband for her Oscar-winning look in 2005 (see below): "It's actually a bracelet, and she was like, 'Put it in your hair!' It was pretty and subtle and just a fun way to wear jewelry."

2. She loves the '90s

"I was just in love with everything '90s: minimalism, Prada, hair slicked back," she told Elle while remembering a red carpet look from her (very) young years. Natalie was just a teen when she appeared on the red carpet to promote her first film, Léon: The Professional.


3. She believes blondes have more fun

Natalie loves her red carpet looks with lighter tresses, but admitted being blonde can mean a little more work to pull a complete look together. "I look a little paler when I have lighter hair. I tend to wear more blush."

4. Less lipstick, please

"I'm always scared about the lipstick," she said. "I was worried that it was on my teeth, or coming off. I usually bring it with me to touch up. But that also just reminds me of my grandma." Still, she doesn't let the fear stop her from wearing bold hues on her now-famous pout.

5. She's fearless

Natalie has rocked a shaved head for certain roles, but certainly doesn't seem to mind. "Having a shaved head allows you to be sort of punky. It was fun to play with that, because that's outside of my normal go-to look. The dress can go in any direction."

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6. It's OK to be moody

"I don't think there are any rules; that's the fun thing about fashion. Maybe you're in the mood to be dramatic." Cue my burgundy lipstick.

7. She likes to go natural

Natalie is a natural beauty and embraces going out sans makeup. When she first appeared on the red carpet as a teen in 1996, she had barely a dusting of baby blue eyeshadow on. "I still like to wear not too much makeup, but especially when you're 14, you barely wear any."

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