Maisie Williams Wants To 'Save The Arctic'

Many celebrities, from Leonardo DiCaprio to Pink, are lending their voices to the climate change cause and the animals affected by the earth's warming temperatures. Teen Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams is lending her voice to Greenpeace's Save the Arctic campaign by rocking some pretty cute t-shirts.

Designer Vivienne Westwood has a line of t-shirts to support Greenpeace's cause, and Williams was all about sharing her climate tee online via her personal Instagram account. This isn't the first time Williams has been vocal about environmental causes. She's often raising awareness for similar organizations. Williams hopes that her involvement in causes she cares about will inspire fans.

“To express your views as a 17-year-old and be listened to is wonderful but with that comes great scrutiny and it’s difficult to find the balance,” Williams told The Independant. “No one teaches you how to be a famous person; no one teaches you how to be a role model. It’s something you have to do on your own.”

Williams also says that she hopes to be seen and accepted as a realistic role model. “I am someone who isn’t always perfect," she said.

While her t-shirt isn't still selling online, Vivienne Westwood still has some cute ones available. You can shop the line here.