Anna Wintour Fully Embraces Social Media

In a recent interview with The Cut, Anna Wintour explains her thoughts on social media and how she fully embraces the space that we love to operate in. For decades, Wintour has continuously established her name in the fashion industry through her artistic direction and utter brilliance, so it's no wonder that when talking about social media, Wintour had nothing but the most perfect words to describe it in a nut shell.

She tells The Cut:

"Look, social media has changed the way we look at everything, and I think it's amazing and incredible and fascinating. Obviously, there's a voyeuristic quality to it, but I also think it's quite human and it's a way of sharing and talking and, you know, maybe it's a little bit less about talking on the phone and more about sharing your life through social media, and I don't criticize it at all, Amy. I think it's fascinating and fantastic and wonderful, and I think it's another way of keeping in touch, and it would be ridiculous to not embrace it. It's just not personally something that I choose to do."

I don't think anyone could've said it any better. Basically, this gives me reason to not feel too bad when I spend hours getting lost in the depths of Instagram. So, thank you, Anna Wintour.

Both a fashion icon and proclaimed international name, Wintour has been able to propel Condé Nast to the brand it is now. And now that we know Wintour's view on social media and the future of the fashion industry and editorial, there's no doubt she'll continue to build Condé Nast towards bigger, more innovative horizons. If only she had her own Instagram account. Soon, Anna?


Images: Getty Images