Lena Dunham's Body Posi Selfie Is So Inspiring

Once again, Lena Dunham has inspired women by doing little more than posting a photo on Instagram. Lena Dunham's body positive selfie is a source of inspo despite being totally simple and effortless. Her snap actually taught me three pretty valuable lessons, and she wasn't even trying.

The writer and actress forgot her workout clothes, and in her own words, she decided to "soldier on" with her sesh and just do it. How's that for not giving up and honoring a commitment without being self-conscious about clothes?!

I have friends who treat their workout clothes like couture. They absolutely have to look good while breaking a sweat, which sorta baffles me, and if something is amiss, they will bounce.

Rather than bail on her planned workout, Dunham stuck to her commitment, improvising by donning a too-big bra and too-tight pants with an odd print. Working out can be a hassle, but it's necessary for our health and well-being. It's way awesome that Dunham didn't ditch her planned sweat sesh and made the best of the situation in a way that proves she embraces her body.

Sure, the caption was laced with her signature sarcasm, but when you look at the photo, she looks like so many other celebs and civilians who work out. She's just someone wearing gym gear and it's not that out of the ordinary.

This is the kicker. I know how I feel in these situations and it's discomfort. If I am wearing ill-fitting clothes at the gym, an event, or whatever, it shows. I'd probably even opt out of a situation like that, since I hate feeling distracted when not properly dressed.

But now, seeing how confident and "IDGAF" Dunham was in this could-be-uncomfy scenario, I feel inspired to let go and make the best of it the next time that this happens to me.

Here's the three valuable lessons I gleaned from Lena's IG.

1. Don't Give Up

It'd be easy to just give up, but Lena stuck to her commitment even if she had to wear clothes that were not her normal sizes. That's a maaj source of inspo for me right there.

2. The Art Of Improv

Sometimes you have to just make the best of it and improvise with what you have. That's what Dunham did. It's so freeing to just let go sometimes, isn't it?

3. Why So Serious?

The most important point here is that Dunham reminds me to be less serious. Why be so self-conscious about workout clothes? It defeats the point of exercising to improve our health and bodies. It's actually the healthiest mental state you can have when approaching physical activity.

All that from an IG photo! That's the power of social media, folks!

Images: Lena Dunham/Instagram (1); Giphy (3)