These TV Characters Would Totally Vote Hillary

Hillary Clinton's run for presidency is chugging along at a great speed at the moment, whereas there don't seem to be many strong Republican candidates who are quite ready to be considered strong competition. While public opinion about Clinton's presidential bid is decidedly polarizing, she definitely has a strong base of supporters — which got me thinking. Because I am always thinking of new ways to continue incorporating films and TV into everyday life (it's a sickness guys, really), I wonder which beloved TV show characters would support a Hillary Clinton presidency? The answer, I believe, is a great many of them.

Seriously, think about it. Many shows on TV right now feature quite strongly liberal characters, whether they actually identify with a particular party or not. Add to that some of Hillary's policies, the lack of one clear Republican candidate, and the fact that Hillary is, for once, a strong female presidential candidate? There's no question that most of the fictional people on this list would vote Clinton come 2016. Some names on this list will be totally obvious (because come on, who else would Leslie Knope vote for in the upcoming election? Ted Cruz? Yeah, right), and some you may want to debate. But for right now, until we see some strong, fearsome opposition, these beloved TV characters are all on Team Hillary.

1. Leslie Knope (And Most Of The Pawnee Parks & Rec Team)

Seriously, tell me who else Leslie would vote for next year? Obviously, Leslie would be disappointed that she would potentially not be the first female United States president, but that would never stop her from voting for Clinton, who shares many ideals Leslie has and appreciates. I have a feeling Leslie wouldn't be the only Pawnee Parks and Rec member on Team Hillary. Aside from the obvious, like Ron, many of Leslie's friends would definitely vote for Clinton too.

2. Lisa Simpson

Doesn't it just seem like the right fit? But I guess technically Lisa isn't old enough to vote still? Oh well, it's the thought that counts here.

3. Liz Lemon

This is an obvious choice. Lemon would support Clinton to her grave. Though she once stated during the Obama/McCain election that she might forget and accidentally vote McCain. Could she accidentally vote Republican this time around? Anything is possible, but, with the added woman-in-charge aspect, Clinton is definitely getting Lemon's vote.

4. Jessie Spano

Let's be real, Jessie would probably be in charge of Hillary Clinton's campaign if that were an option.

5. Rory Gilmore (& Probably Lorelai)

Duh guys, she wanted to chose Hillary Clinton as her essay topic for her Harvard admissions application!

6. Schmidt, Cece, Jess, & Winston

Come on, Schmidt would love a female in charge. That's basically how he lives his whole life. Cece would definitely vote Clinton, and I have a feeling Jess would too. Winston's on Clinton's side. But Nick wouldn't vote. He's probably not allowed to anyway.

7. Will McAvoy & McKenzie McHale (Basically Most Of The ACN Staff)

Yes yes, I know. Will McAvoy identifies as a Republican. But, guys, have you seen the Republican hopefuls? They're not really up to McAvoy's standards. And the rest of the ACN staff was always on Team Hillary as far as I'm concerned.

8. Phil & Claire Dunphy

Another case of two people who would love to see a woman in charge. Though, again, I bet Claire secretly wishes she could do it. And you know, she'd probably be pretty great.

9. Peggy Olson & Joan Holloway

There's no scenario in the world where Peggy wouldn't vote for Clinton. Maybe Joan would struggle with the decision a little more, but these two are definitely feminists, and they've got Team Hillary written all over them.

Images: Screenshot/NBC; Giphy (9); oy-with-the-poodles-already/Tumblr