Wife Surprises Husband After Infertility Struggles

Prepare to clutch at your Kleenex, friends. While filming an entry into a competition to win a trip to Aruba, this wife revealed to her husband that she was pregnant after struggling with infertility for five years. The couple, celebrating their ten year anniversary, can't conceal their joy at having finally gotten pregnant. As they cry and embrace, you'll get the mushy feeling in your throat, and if you're not moved by this future dad's genuine, deep emotion at finding out he's going to be a father, then you're probably made out of stone. This is the exact opposite of Scott Disick finding out that Kourtney was pregnant: It's pure happiness and relief.

Doug Price and his wife had been struggling with infertility for five years, and Doug was so elated to hear the news, that he posted the video to YouTube with the following caption:

"My wife says that she can never surprise me...well she got me pretty good with this one. We were entering a contest to win a trip to Aruba when she decided to tell me the good news, unfortunately we did not win the trip but I still think we got the better end of the deal."

I say someone needs to give these guys a free trip to Aruba. Watch them below and try not to cry/want to join in on their hug:

Meanwhile, here are some more adorable pregnancy announcements for surprised dads-to-be (while you're in the mood/primed for them):

1. This dad-to-be who literally looks at a pregnancy test and doesn't notice what's going on for, like, ever

2. This very beautiful moment in a photo booth

3. This beef cake dad-to-be who is so distracted by his search for Vitamin water he doesn't notice a positive pregnancy test

4. This dad-to-be who needs a while for it to sink in

Happy early Father's Day, everyone.

Images: YouTube (2)