'Pitch Perfect 2' Star Hailee Steinfeld Has An Extensive Group Of Famous Friends & You'll Definitely Wish You Could Join — PHOTOS

Now that Pitch Perfect 2 is in sight, it's time to reinvigorate our longstanding obsession with the Barden Bellas. Honestly, it shouldn't be too hard with this endearingly hilarious cast. So, being the good fans we are, we should make a point of getting to know one of the newest additions to the beloved a cappella group. The young and insanely talented Hailee Steinfeld is in Pitch Perfect 2 , and it's time we acquaint ourselves with her. Like, for instance, who is a part of her very own, personal friend group? And, do they sing for fun, too?

Well, as it turns out, Steinfeld's clique is quite extensive. But, I suppose that's protocol when one of your counted confidants is Taylor Swift, who as we all know, is friends with nearly everyone in the world — or at least most of Hollywood. The popular 18-year-old is giving Swift a serious run for her money considering she almost has too many celebrity friends to count, but here's to trying. Take a look below at some of Steinfeld's famous besties, and try not to be too jealous that you're not in a group text with the lot of them.

Taylor Swift

When Tay makes a pun with your names, you know it's real.

Sarah Hyland

They're in love. It's casual.

Camila Cabello

You don't give just anyone six or seven (ish) different pet names.

Darren Criss

Think they get together and sing Glee covers like me and my friends do?

Bailee Madison

Supportive friends are the best friends.

Joe Jonas

Don't we all want to be Vined affectionately pouting in Joe Jonas's general direction?

Abigail Breslin

Birthday shout outs from Little Miss Sunshine are a pretty big deal.

The Pitch Perfect 2 Cast

Work friends are important.

Debbie Ryan

Apparently the Disney star thinks Steinfeld's the bees knees.

The Weeknd

I bet you wish you were buds with The Weeknd.

Sophie Turner


Selena Gomez

One of the founding members of Taylor Swift's cool clique.


A later installment to Swift's circle, but still an important addition nonetheless.

Shailene Woodley

She's covered almost all of the young Hollywood elite now, hasn't she? Wait... where's J. Law?!

People She's Probably Not Friends With

This Llama.

People She's Definitely Not Friends With

This snake.